Festival lockers

Keep your valuable items safe!


You can leave your valuable items in a festival lockers, located at the mBank Zone at the Shopping Lane.


Opening hours 

1 -5 August 

Wednesday 12:00 - Thursday 4:00 am 

Thursday 12:00 - Friday 4:00 am 

Friday 12:00 - Saturday 4:00 am 

Saturday 12:00 - Sunday 12: 00



Bear in mind that you cannot store any items prohibited in festival Rules & Regulations as well as items considered to be dangerous, any food and drinks (including alcoholic beverages), tobacco products, toxic and chemical materials, jewellery and other precious items, items exceeding dimensions of 20cm x 30cm, flora or fauna, medicines, flammable items, IDs and other documents, money and items with value exceeding 1000 PLN, and other items listed in Rules & Regulations of lockers. 


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