Stay safe!

Look out for others, take care of yourself!

People who make sure you are safe
  • Peace Patrol

    When in doubt - ask a Patroller! Although they may not have all necessary equipment to help you right away, they will surely assist you to seek help or bring help to you. They will also be able to answer most of your questions, so don't hesitate to approach them. Members of Peace Patrol are volunteers, who make sure that the festival is a safe and welcoming place, so make sure to respect them. 

  • Field Medical Aid

    If you feel unwell, this is where you should go. They will check if you need further medical assistance. Let the medics working at these medical aid points know about any worrying symptoms, allergies, and injuries. There are one stationary medical aid point (the "hospital" unit) and 8 field medical aid points located on the festival grounds. 

    Location of field medical aid points: 

    • AFA hill 
    • the right-hand side of the Main Stage
    • Shopping Lane - by the festival merchandise shop 
    • Krishna Village of Peace 
    • Malinowski Field Campsite 
    • Beer Village 
    • Catering area 
  • Field Hospital (Hel)

    The field hospital is fully equipped to offer medical assistance. Please remember not to contact the staff at the hospital with minor injuries, as they are focused on helping people with major problems!

    We can rely on 300 members of qualified medical staff: they are nurses, doctors, qualified paramedics, and first responders. They have 7 medical rescue quads (to transport injured people in difficult terrain), 2 specialist ambulances, 5 ambulances. The hospital is also fully and professionally equipped which allows us to provide you with treatment immediately. 

Take care of yourself and others
  • Follow the instructions of security personnel and festival stewards!

    You should follow all instructions issued by the staff working at the festival. Members of the Peace Patrol, Medical Patrol, and Blue Patrol are there to make you safe and help you enjoy the festival. Respect them and help them help you! 

  • Don't stop quads or ambulances

    Don't block their movement! if they are crossing the festival site, it means that medics are on their way to help someone in need. You can help by making sure that others allow the medical quads and ambulances to pass as fast as possible! 

  • Never leave anyone in a tent on a hot day

    On no account let anyone stay in their tent on a hot day. It is very dangerous! 

  • Take care of yourself and others!

    Take care of yourself and your friends, especially those who take a long time to recover after concerts. Make sure they’re alright. If your friends can’t come with you, try to make friends with your neighbours at the campsite. Take care of one another and keep an eye on one another’s belongings. Keep your most valuable possessions with you.

  • Remember our motto!

    Our motto is: 'Stop Drugs! Stop Violence!'. Be tolerant and open to other Festival-goers. Strive to be nice and help other people. We create a vibrant, varied community which serves to prove that different people can co-exist peacefully. Don’t be lenient towards drug dealers or aggressive instigators and report them to the Peace Patrol!


  • Make sure to read & follow Festival Rules & Regulations!

    Please follow the provisions made in the Rules & Regulations, because it is the best way to ensure that the massive festival site is well-organized and functions like it should. Share information with your friends. Rules & Regulations are available on our website and also displayed on posters at the festival site. Be careful as you leave the festival site, too! Use common sense and look out for others. 

  • Buy food and drink from from authorised vendors!

    In order to avoid unpleasant consequences, buy food and beverages only from authorised vendors. Never accept food or drinks from strangers! Warn your friends and tell them to be careful as well. 

  • Whom can I ask for help?

    In an emergency, you can approach any member of Peace Patrol for help. They will be able to decide whether there is need to get in touch with medical staff. 

  • My friend is unconscious. What shouldI do?

    Call for help immediately! You can ask someone to go to the nearest first aid station or alarm a nearby Peace Patroller. Remember to give detailed information about what happened and show the way. The better you describe the location of the accident, the easier it will be for the medics to provide help.

  • Who can receive help from the medical staff?

    Our medical staff will provide medical help to anyone in need. However, make sure not to bother them when it is unnecessary and use your common sense! 

  • Will you give me medicine and dressing?

    We don’t run a pharmacy! If you suffer from any chronic disease, and need to take medication regularly don’t forget to take them with you. If you need to have your dressing changed, visit one of our first aid stations. If you do so between 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM, you won’t have to wait long. Oncec concerts begin, the field medical points can be busy. 

  • Is there a pharmacy on the festival site?

    No. The nearest pharmacy is located in Kostrzyn nad Odrą. Some prescription free drugs such as painkillers as well as dressing materials might be available in the shopping alley.

  • My friend has been admitted to the hospital. Can I stay with him/her?

    Unfortunately not. Our field hospital is a place strictly for those who need medical help.

  • I can't find my friend. Can you check if he/she has been admitted to the hospital?

    We will try to help you, but our medical admin staff might be too busy to assist you right away. 

  • My friend has been taken to a hospital in Kostrzyn nad Odrą. Can you drive me there?

    The hospital is located at Narutowicza Street 6. We can't drive you there. 

  • I need to get injections daily. Can you administer them, or do I have to go to the city hospital?

    If you have both the medication and prescription from your doctor, our medics can give you injections.

  • Can you store my medicine?

    We can keep your medicine safe - store it in the fridge, for example. Put your personal information on it, including your first and last name, your phone number, the name of the medicine and dosing schedule.

  • How do I report an accident during the festival?

    When reporting an accident please make sure to provide our medical staff with all details: location, description of the accident, the number of people affected - everything that might help them assess the situation before they reach the site of the accident. 

  • Can I learn first aid during the festival?

    Yes! Come by our CPR for Schools tent for free first aid lessons provided by our certified instructors. You might be able to save someone's life one day! 

  • Can I get a prescription at the field hospital?

    No. If you need to get a prescription you should visit the hospital in Kostrzyn nad Odrą. 

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