Safety measures

Making sure you are safe to have fun...

The systems put in place in order to make sure that the festival lives up to its name of the safest mass public event in Poland have been developed over the twenty years of holding the festival. Police and the municipal services have praised the festival as safe on numerous occasions. 

With over a thousand people responsible for the security of the mass events taking place on the festival grounds there are different services making sure that the guests of the festival can enjoy their time at the event. Members of the voluntary "Peace Patrol" have all been trained according to the Polish law regulating the stewards and staff at mass events. The members of the Peace Patrol have also been taught how to administer first aid according to American Heart Association guidelines. The members of Peace Patrol are supported by professional security personnel, the so-called "Blue Patrol". What is more, the organisers of the festival have established "Medical Patrol", comprising of medical professionals: emergency service workers, doctors, and nurses. They are able to provide medical aid in a field hospital, which is a fully equipped medical outlet located on the festival field. 

The organisers of the festival cooperate closely with local and national security and emergency services such as police and firefighters. These professionals often cite Pol'andRock Festival as one of the safest public events organised on such a massive scale. 





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