Emerging Bands

Encouraging new talent


We are giving promising bands a unique opportunity to compete for a coveted spot on one of the Pol'and'Rock Festival stages. The jurors - festival promoter and music journalists, producers, and musicians are looking for diverse and interesting performers to invite to the festival. Needless to say that playing for the massive and very appreciative audience at Pol'and'Rock Festival can launch a career and give a band that extra push to achieve more. 


We will announce the submission deadline and T&C of the competition soon! 

our mailing address 

Fundacja WOŚP

ul. Dominikańska 19 C

02-738 Warszawa

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It's your chance to shine
The Competition


We are accepting the band's submissions in the old fashioned way - bands can send us their demo CDs, which should contain at least three songs. Polish winning bands will be invited to perform at a series of concerts across the country while winning international bands will be invited to the festival. 


The Jurors

The judging panel comprises of music professionals:

  • Jurek Owsiak is Pol'and'Rock promotor, and music journalist and radio presenter.
  • Andrzej Puczyński is a sound engineer, composer, music producer and a CEO for the Polish branch of Polygram Polska / Universal Music Polska. He also owns a recording studio. 
  • Kuba Płucisz is a musician and a leader of a legendary IRA rock band. 
  • Piotr "Dziki" Chancewicz is a musician, producer. 
  • Tomasz "Kasprol" Kasprzyk is a music journalist, producer, and a musician. 


Concerts & Prizes


Jurors base their decisions on a series of live shows, where they get to see how a band interacts with the audience and if they have that special spark it takes to perform for the audience at the massive Pol'and'Rock Festival. The artists get a chance to present their best songs during short, 20-minute long sets. All concerts have free entry and feature performances by famous Polish bands. 


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