Respect Mother Earth!


We are working hard to introduce changes before it is too late to save the planet. We all see the impact of pollution - there is plastic littering our oceans and forests, there is a shortage of natural resources, and climate change looms over our icebergs. Endangered species and deforestation are threatening the bio-diversity of the planet. We want to do our bit and not only spread the word about environmental issues but also make sure that our festival limits its environmental footprint. 

We pledge to phase out single plastic use, introduce eco-friendly solutions and encourage festival-goers to recycle their rubbish. We count on your help - please take care of your campsites and make sure to dispose of your waste responsibly. 

We introduced some new solutions in 2019 and we are looking to continue our efforts to become more sustainable in the future. 

Making changes for a better future

We ask you not to leave anything behind and to make sure that the area of your campsite is clean. Remember to bin all waste and to recycle reusable items. Please don't leave your tents or camping equipment on the festival grounds. Pol'and'Rock Festival becomes our home for these couple of days - please remember to take care of it! 

We are increasing our efforts to encourage you to recycle, and we have pledged to use less single-use plastic. 




We can be the change that is necessary to stop the climate crisis. Want to be a force for good at our Festival? 

  • Take enough rubbish bags 
  • Keep your campsite clean and tidy 
  • Visit our waste dumping zones regularly. Recycle what you can! 
  • Don't litter: once you finish your meal, make sure to bin all waste, bin your bottles, cans. 
  • Don't waste the water. 
  • Pack your plates (paper, multi-use, or eco), cutlery, bottles, mugs
  • We don't need your furniture! Don't bring any chairs, or settees. 
  • Cover holes you might have dug up. 
  • Take your tent, and camping equipment back with you. 



We are committed to making changes to minimise our environmental impact. We pledged to limit the use of single-use plastic on site of the festival. 

  • Lech beer was sold in cups made out of 100% recycled materials. They can be 100% recyclable too! You used 24 000 multi-use cups. 
  • There will be NO single-use plastic carrier bags available at our merchandise stalls and the shopping alley. 
  • Catering zones will limit single-use plastic. Food and beverages will be served in paper containers. 



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