Brining children to Pol'and'Rock Festival

Our festival is a welcoming space for all family members! You can bring your children to enjoy the festival atmosphere with you; however, you must bear in mind that Pol'and'Rock is a massive, crowded event taking place on a vast site. You are responsible for your welfare and the welfare of your child.

Prepare in advance to be sure you can enjoy the festival to the fullest and introduce your child to the unique atmosphere of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World. 

Family-friendly event
Before arrival

Pack reasonably. Bring changes of clothes and prepare for changing weather conditions - pack both sunscreen, sunhat and waterproofs. Pack sensible walking shoes. Take a first aid kit with all necessary medicines (plasters, band-aids, bug repellent, salves and others). 


photo: Edyta Kurycka

Tips for those with kids

On arrival make sure to get a free wristband for your child. Use the wristband to write your contact number and make sure it is clearly visible and legible at all times. 
Never leave your child unattended! Under no circumstances can children be left alone in tents. Make sure to explain whom your child can ask for help - tell them about Peace Patrol members. 


photo: Lucyna Lewandowska


Lost children

The same advice as you would in any other crowded place applies: the kid should never leave your side or follow strangers. Tell the kids whom to ask for help in case they get lost. Any member of the festival staff: members of Peace Patrol, Medical and Blue Patrol are there to help. 
Show your child the location of the Lost & Found Hub and arrange to meet there in case you get separated from each other. 


photo: Dominik Malik

Activities for Kids

There is plenty of activities for families at the festival. All parents and children are welcome at the Academy of the Finest of Arts and in our partners' zones. 

Please bear in mind that the safety and welfare of your child remain your responsibility at all times. 


photo: Lucyna Lewandowska

Are there noise cancelling headphones available?

Noise-cancelling headphones for children are available on site. 


photo: Marcin Zielinski

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