2019-06-27 17:22:20

Lost & Found at Pol'and'Rock Festival

The festival lost property tent will be open daily and it's your best chance of reuniting with your property. If you happen to find something, you should also bring it to the lost property tent as well.
2019-07-15 10:41:28

61 additional trains to Pol'and'Rock Festival

There will be 61 additional train services running to and from Kostrzyn nad Odrą. 46 trains will be provided by the voivodeship marshals and 15 provided by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.
2019-06-27 17:08:33

Art at the Academy of the Finest of Arts

A portrait of the festival - as it happens - will be created by Dariusz Miliński, painter and performance artist.
2019-06-27 16:14:07

Zbigniew Zamachowski at AFA 2019

Zbigniew Zamachowski is a beloved actor and social activist, who uses his fame to promote and support the work of non-governmental organizations. Zamachowski will appear at the Academy of the Finest of Arts to meet with the audience of the festival.
2019-06-27 16:39:53

Supporting emerging talent with Antyradio

As we are always on the look-out for interesting, young talent. This time we are going to feature the winners of Antyfest music competition organized by our friends at the Antyradio radio station. Bruklin will play at the Second Stage on August 1st!
2019-06-27 17:01:16

Festival credit card!

mBank will issue commemorative festival cards to celebrate the 25th edition of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World! Check out the vibrant designs.
2019-06-24 12:25:37

The Golden Spinning Top winners & line-up additions

61 thousand votes cast in our competition are proof of how heated the rivalry actually was. From the very beggining, there were two clear frontrunners, who left the rest of the pack way behind. Who bagged themselves a headliner spot at the Main Stage this year?
2019-06-24 15:14:12

Emerging Bands Competition results are in!

They played for the ultimate prize - a chance to perform for the Best Audience in the World at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World. The rising bands performed for the club audiences in different towns in Poland to show how ready they actually are to play at Pol'and'Rock Festival 2019. Who impressed the judges and has reached the very top?
2019-06-24 15:41:29

Meeting with Wojtek Pszoniak

Exceptional stage and film actor and the director is celebrating the 50th anniversary of his artistic career. Wojciech Pszoniak will meet with the festival audience at the meeting held at the Academy of the Finest of Arts.
2019-06-24 16:21:10

Agata Karczewska returns to the Festival!

Agata Karczewska is making her return to the festival, this time in an intimate show at the AFA after dark stage.
2019-06-24 10:31:17

Lordi at Pol'and'Rock Festival

Another Main Stage act for the Most Beautiful Festival in the World announced. It will be a hard rock monster show with a huge dose of horror thrown in at this year's edition of Pol'and'Rock Festival.
2019-06-10 16:03:42

Give blood at the festival!

Blood donation drives became a staple at our festival. Each year, we are able to contribute blood to blood banks in the region, and you prove that even when you are having a good time, you care for others and want to help.
2019-05-31 14:41:17

Katarzyna Nosowska at AFA

Singer, songwriter, columnist, and a charismatic Instagram personality - Kasia Nosowska will be making her return to the festival as a guest of the Academy of the Finest of Arts.
2019-05-24 10:42:04

Justyna Kopińska & Igor Tuleya at AFA

A meeting between a journalist and a judge will focus on the influence of free journalism on the judicial system and on the importance of well-written reportage in creating a truthful picture of society. Igor Tuleya and Justyna Kopińska will
2019-05-22 16:20:05

Pablopavo & Ludziki at the Second Stage

Pablopavo & Ludziki is an interesting and original Polish music project. Experimenting with different genres and conventions, the artists are taking the music industry by storm.
2019-05-22 15:50:36

Crystal Fighters at Pol'and'Rock

Their music sounds like the sun on your skin feels. An energising and uplifting mixture of Spanish folk music and heavy synths inspired by the underground electro scene of London clubs and lofts is what makes Crystal Fighters truly unique. They will take the Main Stage this year.

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