They will fight for a chance to play at Pol'and'Rock

2019-02-20 14:30:33


26 bands are now a step closer to making their dreams come true - and what band does not dream about making their festival debut on one of the vibrant stages of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World? The jurors - music professionals, music producers and journalists and festival promoters - have chosen 26 bands who will come against each other in an exciting second round of our Emerging Bands Competition. This time, the jurors will get to see how the artists behave on stage when performing for the audience. It is essential to check if the bands have what it takes to perform at Pol'and'Rock Festival. 


Finał Eliminacji do 24. Pol'and'Rock Festival | fot. Szymon Aksienionek


Your reaction to the performance will also help jurors make their decisions - so you are actually co-creating the line-up of the festival. 

The lucky bands, who made it to the second stage of the competition are:  


Jurek Owsiak na Eliminacjach do 24. Pol'and'Rock Festival | fot. Michał Kwaśniewski

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