Winners of Emerging Bands Competition complete festival line-up

2018-07-03 12:57:01



We have travelled over 3 500 kilometres and listened for hours upon hours of music in order to find those very unique and promising musicians who have it them to put a spell on the audience at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World. The up-and-coming bands will get a chance to play for a huge and very appreciative audience. Appearing at one of the stages of the massive free festival can launch their careers! 

The jury of the festival first selected bands based on demo CDs they have submitted. Then, the bands were tasked with playing short live sets, so that the jurors could see how they behaved on stage, what energy they were able to share with the audience, and, first and foremost how they sound live. We have held free concerts in Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk, and even travelled abroach to the Czech Republic, to meet emerging talents in Prague. The final concert of the 2018 edition of the Emerging Bands Competition took place in Warsaw and jurors decided which bands will complete Pol'and'Rock Festival 2018 line-up. 

The winners are: 

Main Stage

  • Snowman 
  • Rust 
  • Hope 
  • Agata Karczewska 

Snowman, fot. Dominik Malik


Rust, fot. Szymon Aksienionek


Agata Karczewska, fot. Szymon Aksienionek


Hope, fot. Szymon Aksienionek



Second Stage


  • Oho!Koko
  • Glasspop 
  • Robert Cichy 


fot. Szymon Aksienionek


fot. Damian Jędrzejewski


Cichy, fot. Dominik Malik



Viva Kultura Tent Stage


  • Pull the Wire 


fot. Marta Szpakowska



Lech Wild Card Bands


  • Horrorscope
  • Opus Magnum 
  • Dream Atlas


Horrorscope, fot. Dominik Malik


Dream Atlas, fot. Marta Szpakowska


Opus Magnum, fot. Arek Drygas

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