Competition winners to play at Pol'and'Rock Festival

2018-06-04 13:32:38

The team behind out festival is keen to introduce the audience to new artists and to allow them to explore the best music new bands have to offer. Performing at Pol'and'Rock can help launch a band's career. Having run the Emerging Bands Competition in Poland, we decided to check what our southern neighbours have to offer and to hold the competition from up-and-coming bands from Czechia, Slovakia, and Hungary. 

This year marks the third edition of the Emerging Talents Competition held in Prague, and it seems only appropriate that there will be three winners - three lucky bands will get to perform at Pol'and'Rock Festival in August. The jurors picked Hentai Corporation to perform at the Main Stage, Sematam and Seventh Passion will take the Second Stage at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World. 


Hentai Corporation, fot. Edyta Kurycka


Hentai Corporation have already made their name in Czechia, and they are on a good way to becoming one of the best-loved rock bands in Europe. Full of dirty rock'n'roll energy and verve, they gave a perfectly orchestrated and dynamic show. Charismatic frontman led the band to victory and the Czech band has secured a spot on the Main Stage. 

Seventh Passion have grabbed the attention of jurors with their well-thought through, albeit short, set. The two guitarists delivered a spirited, inspiring performance, and relied on the quality of their music as rather than on showmanship. The judges decided that the indie trio will be a perfect fit for the Second Stage at this year's Pol'and'Rock Festival. 

Sematam brought a slice of sunshine into the dusky club. The stage became crowded with members of this Slovakian funk and jazz playing band. They play energising blend of funk, pop, and jazz, and the audience enjoyed their set immensely. Judges did not hesitate - the band will be taking the Second Stage at Pol'and'Rock Festival this August! 


Sevent Passion, fot. Stanisław Wadas


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