Golden Spinning Top - listing 27

2018-06-26 09:20:27

Golden Spinning Top is a statuette awarded by the festival audience and it is a way of showing your appreciation to the performers. You can vote in 4 categories - divided between the two stages of the festival and according to the country origin of the band. With four awards to be won (for the best Polish and international performance which took place on the Main and Second Stages of the festival in the previous year), festival goers can count on some of their favourites to reprise their shows at headliner spots at the festival.  There are only the leaders remaining in the ranking now, there is no time to lose! 


Winners will be announced during Emerging Bands Competition final in Warsaw. 


Festiwalowicze na 23. Przystanku Woodstock - fot. Szymon Aksienionek



Listing 27 - Monday, 25.06.2018 


Main Stage- Polish bands 

Current listing Band Votes
1. Nocny Kochanek 8327
2. Łąki Łan 2676
3. Domowe Melodie 1380


Main Stage - international bands

Current listing  Band  Votes 
1. Amon Amarth 2390
2. Nothing But Thieves  2378
3. Trivium 700


Second Stage  - Polish bands

Current listing  Band Votes
1. Tabu 4961
2. Mesajah 3088
3. LemON 2107


Second Stage - international bands

Current listing  Band Votes
1. Counterfeit 1745
2. Prong 606
3. Annisokay 514


You can vote via Facebook app, which is powered by FanpointIt's as easy as logging into your account and selecting your favourite! Anyone can cast only one vote in one round of votes, so you should make your decision carefully. You can vote again after the end of each round. 

  1. The first round has ended in April
  2. The second round ended today
  3. The final round will take place in June
After each round the bands with the least amount of votes will drop out from the competition, so you should hurry to cast your vote and show your support to your favourite band.
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