The Golden Spinning Top - Listing 17

2018-04-23 15:02:59


The Golden Spinning Top allows you - the audience - to influence the line-up of Pol'and'Rock Festival. You can choose your favourite band from the last edition of the festival and vote for them in order to invite them to perform at Woodstock again! The winning bands will receive the invitation to reprise their performance at the Main Stage at Pol'and'Rock and will be awarded a beautiful brass statuette. This time, we bid farewell to bands which received the least amount of votes, and now you can vote for the 5 remaining contestants.


You can vote online, using a designated app provided by Fanpoint. Just log into your Facebook account and open the Golden Spinning Top tab on our Facebook profile!


Dragonforce at 22nd Woodstock Festival Poland - photo Damian Mekal


Listing 18 - Monday, 23.04.2018


Main Stage - Polish bands

Current listing Band Votes
1. Nocny Kochanek 6404
2. Łąki Łan 1774
3. Domowe Melodie 1028
4. Wilki 515
5. Michał Urbaniak & Urbanator 68


Main Stage - international bands

Current listing Band Votes
1. Amon Amarth 1585
2. Nothing But Thieves 1421
3. Trivium 499
4. The Qemists 421
5. House of Pain 396


Second Stage - Polish bands 

Current listing Band Votes
1. Tabu 2619
2. Mesajah 1689
3. LemON 1205
4. Dr Misio  718
5. Chorzy 797


Second Stage - international bands

Current listing Band Votes 
1. Counterfeit 1287
2. Prong 429
3. Annisokay 386
4. Fish Face 200
5. Cox & Vox 107 


If you have voted in the first stage of the competition, now you can do it again to support your favourite! So hands on keyboards...


You can vote via Facebook app, which is powered by Fanpoint. It's as easy as logging into your account and selecting your favourite! Anyone can cast only one vote in one round of votes, so you should make your decision carefully. You can vote again after the end of each round. 

  1. First round has just ended!
  2. Second round ends  at the end of May
  3. The final round will take place in June


After each round the bands with the least amount of votes will drop out from the competition, so you should hurry to cast your vote and show your support to your favourite band.
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