Golden Spinning Top 2018 - listing 13

2018-03-13 10:20:54

The Golden Spinning Top allows you - the audience - to influence the line-up of PolAndRock Festival. You can choose your favourite band from the last edition of the festival and vote for them in order to invite them to perform at Woodstock again! The winning bands will receive the invitation to reprise their performance at the Main Stage at PolAndRock and will be awarded a beautiful brass statuette. 

You can vote online, using a designated app provided by Fanpoint. Just log into your Facebook account and open the Golden Spinning Top tab on our Facebook profile! 


Listing 13 - Tuesday, 13.03.2018


Main Stage - Polish bands

Current listing Band Votes
1. Nocny Kochanek 4717
2. Łąki Łan 1482
3.   Domowe Melodie 867
4. Wilki 434
5. Michał Urbaniak & Urbanator 55


Main Stage - international bands

Current listing Band Votes
1. Nothing But Thieves 1149
2. Amon Amarth 1096
3. Trivium 365
4. The Qemists 323
5. House of Pain 304
6. The Bloody Beetroots 293
7. The Dead Daisies 250
8. Dub Inc. 198
9. Archive 183
10. Slaves 159
11. The Kyle Glass Band  116
12. Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls 87
13. New Model Army 42
14. Orange Goblin 35
15. Projekt Parabelum 13


Second Stage - Polish bands 

Current listing Band Votes
1. Tabu 2556
2. Mesajah 1658
3. LemON 954
4. Dr Misio 676
5. Oddział Zamknięty 609
6. Chorzy 516
7. The Sixpounder 443
8. Clock Machine 319
9. Piotr Bukartyk 60
10. Zdrowa Woda 53
11. Kolory 29
12. Eleanor Grey 14
13. RSC 13
14. Yankee 8
15. Hengelo 8
16. Roan & Da Shu 6


Second Stage - international bands

Current listing Band Votes 
1. Counterfeit 985
2. Prong 330
3. Annisokay 314
4. Fish Face 150
5. Cox & Vox 87
6. Fangclub 56
7. Speaker First 46


The first stage of the competition will end at the beginning of May 2018, the second stage will last until the end of May, and the final stage will end in the second part of June. The winners will be revealed at PolAndRock!  

You can vote once at each stage of the competition, choosing your favourite in 4 different categories. Having voted in a given stage, you can vote again in the following poll. Each time, the bands which did the worst at a given stage of the competition are removed from the running for the award, so that only 3 competitors will battle it out in the final stage. 


Publiczność przed Dużą Sceną podczas 23. Przystanku Woodstock - fot. Szymon Aksienionek


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