Best Overseas Festival?

2018-10-19 15:13:42

Pol'and'Rock Festival has been nominated in UK Festival Awards in Best Overseas Festival category. If you want to show your support and send your vote our way! The polls are open until October the 30th, 2018. 




The UK Festival Awards are awarded annually to celebrate top festivals which take place in the United Kingdom. The awards are given for all aspects of the festival organization - including nominations for the best line-up and innovative approach to ecological solutions on the festival site. The organizers also consider events taking place outside the UK, and our festival has been nominated in the Best Overseas category. Audience vote decides which international festival will take the price! 



In order to ensure the competition's fairness, the judges will be taking into consideration each event's daily capacity - and as our festival is considered to be the largest open-air festival in Europe, we'd need just and many votes and we've had guests this year! 

Casting your vote enters you into a competition for high-class headphones and filling out a short festival survey enters you into a competition to win an Amazon voucher. Get ready, set, vote! 

Nocny Kochanek na 24. Pol'and'Rock Festival - fot. Stanisław Wadas

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