Woodstock’s Gentleman’s Festival

2017-10-31 15:11:05

officially confirm and invite you to the performance of: Gentleman – the unquestionable European reggae master, who is going to take part in the 17th Woodstock Festival! We expect it to be the most important summer reggae event in our country. On the 6th of August in Kostrzyn on the Oder Gentleman is going to play with his band at its fullest strength.


Tilmann Otto – commonly known as Gentleman, is one of the most popular reggae musicians in Poland and the whole of Europe. Although he comes from Germany – a country which seems to have a definitely “anti-Jamaican” atmosphere – he is considered to be a master and an unrivalled role-model for reggae artists. Gentleman combines traditional Jamaican beats with the tones of dancehall, hip-hop or R&B and adds intelligent and quality texts, in which he is passionate about some vital social issues. During years of presence on the music market he worked with a number of outstanding artists and his albums and singles have become the classics of the modern reggae.


The organizers of the 17th Woodstock Festival and the Wrocław agency Lion Stage Management, who encouraged Gentleman to play again in our country on the 6th of August, invite you to meet the master of his genre and take part in one of the greatest concerts of this summer. Gentleman’s performances always attract crowds in the audience, and the artist is admired not only by reggae fans, but by all fans of good music. Critiques appreciate the constant progress of his productions. Gentleman keeps adding new elements, sounds and themes to his music remaining open for everything that is new and intriguing. This process may therefore be called a permanent artistic evolution.


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