Frank Carter: A Whirlwind of Emotion

2018-08-05 05:07:34

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes didn’t just play a concert for us. They created a show of music, lights and emotions like we have never seen before.

Those musicians did not understand the meaning of “impossible” and the lead singer, Frank Carter, was the embodiment of revolution. 

The band's frontman, Frank Carter, on the Pol'and'Rock stage. Photo credit: Anna Migda


A rebel, an outsider, a weirdo. He does not just go onstage, he stirs up a rebellion with every step. And it is not just his yelling, because anyone can do that—it is his authenticity, the raw emotions he shares with the audience, how he knows exactly where he wants to take the crowd.

If Klaus Nomi had been born 40 years later, he would have been Frank Carter.

We love concerts at which the musicians go from zero to a hundred in no time at all. The band mercilessly started hard, immediately throwing the audience into a whirlwind. The whirlwind was not limited just to the crowd’s movements, but also their emotions—it seemed as if Frank Carter had been keeping years of all sorts of experiences inside and only let them all go today. And we were right there with him.

The band's incredible energy filled the Main Stage of the Festival. Photo credit: Anna Migda


The intensity only went up from there. The frontman quickly went off the stage and, standing on the shoulders of the Peace Patrol, spoke to the crowd like a general would speak to his troops. It did not feel like the typical yell into the crowd, but like tens of thousands of one-on-one conversations happening at once.

This rapport that the musicians quickly established with the crowd only made the concert experience better. The band was one of those, who come onstage not just to play a concert, but to be in constant contact with the audience, calming them down into a satisfied lull only to kick them into a whirlwind a few seconds later.

This approach always spurs an audience into action. Almost every song saw the crowd forming a circle pit, which the frontman always applauded.


Frank Carter standing on the shoulders of the Peace Patrol to speak to the crowds. Photo credit: Bartek Muracki


Can you sing about love without your lover by your side? Frank Carter did not think so, and when the time came, he invited his partner onstage. In between song verses, they shared a tender kiss and private whispers. This intimate moment was not just theirs, though—the whole audience felt as if they had just been kissed by their one true love.

Can you play a song that rebels against terrorism without yelling? No! The band dedicated “Lullaby” to the victims of the Manchester terrorist attack. 

The audience also got to hear about the singer’s daughter, whose heart beats “right to the rhythm of punk-rock”. The crowd was immediately in love and chanted the girl’s name, Mercy, while the singer recorded them.

This wasn’t the only case where the frontman took his phone out to film the crowd. He posted a number of live Instastory videos while onstage, getting the crowd to perform for the additional camera. 

Frank Carter invited his wife, Sarah Carter Schor, onstage to dedicate a love song to her. Photo credit: Bartek Muracki


No punk-rock concert would be complete without an encore. The band was not even fully offstage before the crowd started trying to summon them once more. 

The drummer returned and led rhythmic clapping and chanting to get the other band members back for a few more songs. Frank Carter reappeared last and launched into “I Hate You” for the grand finale. 

We left the concert buzzing with energy and feeling like we had been freed from all the negativity that we carried with us. We are free!


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