Meeting with Wojtek Pszoniak

2019-06-24 15:41:29


Pszoniak gained international recognition following his work with Andrzej Wajda. The Polish maestro directed Pszoniak in one of the leading parts of his 1975 film "The Promised Land". After the actor had left the country as the result of political unrest, Pszoniak worked in theatres and film produced in France. Pszoniak, who did not know French prior to his emigration to France, had to learn his lines phonetically, and his part of Robespierre in the historical film "Danton", had to be dubbed by a French-speaking actor. 

After the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, Pszoniak returned to Poland, where he acts on stage and in films. Pszoniak has also tried his hand as a theatre director. 


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