Tides From Nebula at AFA

2018-05-14 10:34:29

Tides From Nebula are a Warsaw instrumental quartet formed in 2008. The band has played over 500 shows and are regarded to be one of the most influential bands creating post-rock music in Poland and even in Europe. Members of Tides From Nebula have toured India and received an enthusiastic response from local fans of music. Tides From Nebula have headlined a festival held at the famous F1 track in Greater Noida.

Speaking of achievements, the members of the band are especially proud of their cooperation with Zbigniew Preisner. The well-respected film music composer has approached the band having heard them on the radio. Tides From Nebula and Preisner teamed up to record “Earthshine” album in 2011, and the band established a sterling reputation as one of the main representatives of alternative music in the country.

To date, Tides From Nebula have released four studio albums and Hey have toured with two famous Polish bands: Coma and Hey.


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