The Inspector Cluzo at the Main Stage at Woodstock Poland

2018-03-16 14:12:41

In 2018 The Inspector Cluzo, 'The Rockfarmers', celebrate 10 years of existence that started in 2008 in Glasgow. To mark the event there is a biography of the group that was published in November 2017, and their 6th album, recorded in Nashville by the multi-Grammy Award winner, Vance Powell, who already has such pedigreed rock stars in his stable as Jack White, White Stripes, Seasick Steve, and Chris Stapleton.

The dynamic duet consists of two incredible Gascons who started from nothing in their native Mont de Marsan in the southwest of France, and who after more than 900 concerts in over 45 countries, and 100,000 albums sold – all of this done completely on their own – have become one of the most internationally-known French groups, and financed only by money that they have generated themselves – whether it’s something to eat or something to listen to . . . all of it in a very concrete utopian sense of living their convictions. In the end, they are a group that controls everything from A to Z: they are their own manager – their own record label (Fuckthebassplayer), their own tour manager, professional organic farmers on their farm, Lou Casse, ( in the Gascony region in the southwest of France.

With their double skills as musicians and farmers, they are financially independent and are also able to produce most of the food that they eat. Two occupations that are really one when considered as the goal of the eminently political and militant movement ‘Act locally to think globally’. 

Americans have just the right words to describe songs of the land -- they call them country music, and folk music – ‘music of the country’ and ‘music of the people’. The Inspector Cluzo plays their kind of country music, their kind of folk music – a sort of folk music, if you like, but not at all folksy – it’s much too electric and furious for that. In any case, nothing would be more unfair than to try to put these raging ambassadors – Laurent Lacrouts and Mathieu Jourdain – into a charming folklore box. 

Mathieu summed up their attitude to music as follows: 'There’s an activist side to what we do – it’s our independence as musicians and as farmers – we are here because of our convictions – far away from the glossy image of rock stars. It’s all so logical – the practical side comes from our training in physics – we always want things to balance out. You find it in the way peasants live'.

The Inspector Cluzo’s new album, that celebrates their ten years as a duo, is called ‘We the People of the Soil’. 'It’s a song but it’s also a story about the earth – our Earth – it’s the message we keep trying to spread – Never cut yourself off from the earth - never lose your connection with the soil'. 


The Inspector Cluzo


The Inspector Cluzo’s 6th album was produced by the king of analogue recording, Vance Powell (multi-Grammy Award winner for his work with Jack White, White Stripes, Seasick Steve and Chris Stapleton). Vance is a big fan of The Inspector Cluzo. He did the mix on the last album, ‘Rockfarmers’, and was anxious to produce this 10th-anniversary album. It’s the first album of their career that the group did not produce themselves. It will be released in the beginning of May 2018 on their label, Fuckthebassplayer.

Recorded live and mixed in 12 days – ‘Fast & Furious’ style -- on 8-track tape in Vance’s studio in Nashville last September (you can hear the ‘hiss’ of the tape at the beginning of each song). The sound recordings were done in 4 days! – without a computer or digital technology – no analogue reverbs – no ‘auto-tune’, or other modern tricks and manipulations because The Inspector Cluzo is a duo that has built their international reputation playing live all over the world – completely and naturally wild – no set list. Their music is as organic as the vegetables they grow on their farm.

This album is dedicated to all the real ecologists, those who are never called ‘ecolos’, but who in fact are, without proclaiming it. Those who tirelessly work the land all over the world. 'We, the people of the soil' are those who bend down to the earth both physically and figuratively, whose backs are strained yet with undying humility, like the Cluzo’s forebearers, the humble Gascony sharecroppers in the Landes region (in the southwest of France), proud of their roots and their heritage, living in harmony with nature, and those who feed them and support them.

Cluzo says: 'We are the people of the soil, along with those who already are . . . but also with those who are not yet aware of the movement, but who should come around in a few years. We are all people of the soil whether we like it or not – that is the extra strong unifying the message of this album, musically but also as citizens going against the trend of globalisation standards currently in place'.  For Cluzo, 'We, the people of the soil' by analogy with 'We, the People . . . ' in the American Constitution, should be the beginning of every democratic constitution, a priority for our common future, on which the society of tomorrow will be built – that is the message of this album, and which is the cornerstone of a career started 10 years ago. 


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