The Casualties as Pol'and'Rock Festival

2019-04-01 16:14:31


The band was established in the early noughties in the centre of American avant-garde movements - New York. The artists behind The Casualties decided to celebrate true and authentic punk sound and attitude and stay faithful to the musical and creative standards established by the punk-rockers from the golden age of punk. Inspired by the bands such as The Exploited, The Charged, or GBH, The Casualties came up with a gritty, aggressive sound paired with an instantly recognizable look. Members of the band sport vibrant mohawks and wear leather jackets with intricate studded details. To sum up - they are the embodiment of street punk scene - both visually, spiritually, and musically. 


The Casualties. Materiały prasowe zespołu.


Having released their debut album in 1997, the band has hit the touring circuit. A very successful world tour followed a year later. The Casualties garnered attention and favour of fans, music critics and journalists alike. Their status of punk heavyweights had been further solidified in 2013 when they performed at the biggest punk gathering in the world and took the stage at the massive Rebellion Festival in Blackpool, United Kingdom. Americal street punks played alongside their idols and music inspiration such as The Exploited, GBH, Cockney Rejects and English Dogs. Their live gigs are an example of the pure power of unadulterated punk, as the members of the band combine crazy stage antics with musical and vocal mastery and talent. Combatative, explosive, and politically incorrect - The Casualties are referencing the heyday of punk, yet they remain fresh and innovative.  

It is important to note that despite their underground status, The Casualties are one of the few street-punk bands to make it to the mainstream consciousness. The band has produced 11 studio albums and 3 live releases. It is worth noting, that punk fans worldwide praise are their debut album "For The Punx" from 1997 and their later releases "Stay Out Of Order" from 2001 and "Under Attack" from 2006, which serves to prove how consistent the band is. 



The band's latest release, "Written In Blood" addressed the best traditions of classic punk music and introduces the audiences to the newest band member. Vocalist David Rodriguez replaced the last original band member, Jorge Herrera in 2017. The first single, which promotes the album worldwide is a true street-punk anthem, a wry and aggressive social commentary on police brutality in the US. 


The current band line up consists of Rodriguez, who joined Jake Kolatis (guitar), Rick Lopez (bass), and Mark Meggers (drums). 

The veterans of street punk prove that punk is alive and kicking - hardcore! 


The Casualties. Materiały prasowe zespołu.

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