BOKKA debuts at the Festival

2019-04-08 16:19:00


BOKKA seems to have appeared out to nowhere - in 2013 they have premiered their debut single "Town of Strangers", which was destined to become a runaway hit from their first album. Their debut was an example of refined electro-pop music. The band quickly garnered praise and attention from Polish and international journalists, scoring a very positive review from Pitchfork. The band stands out from other electronic bands by virtue of their innovative approach to creating music, which often features extraordinary instruments and their unique stage image and an aura of mystery, which surrounds the musicians. Having performed a string of very successful shows in Poland, the band appeared at some of the most important festivals in Europe - they have played at The Great Escape, Colours of Ostrava, Reeperbahn, to name just a few. 



In 2015 their second album was released. "Don't Kiss And Tell", just like their first release, was a great commercial and critical success for the band, receiving a nomination for Album of the Year in Electronics and Alternative category of Fryderyki awards. Their second release proved that the artists continue to seek different music inspirations and grounded their music in more rock'n'roll and alternative influences. 

BOKKA's popularity grew with each sold-out show. The band's shows are both visual and musical experiences - where live music is mixed with electronic beats and masked musicians perform in front of the digital screens displaying vibrant visualizations. 

While remaining anonymous, the artists spend 2017 working on their brand new release. "Life On Planet B", band's third album, premiered in 2018 and yet again was met with an enthusiastic response from music critics and fans. This third release is grounded in the sounds of 70s and 80s - with elements of synths and, surprisingly elements reminiscent of psychedelic rock. The band continues to grow and surprise music fans with their creativity and avid understanding of music. It would be a joy to see them experiment with their unique sounds at Pol'and'Rock Festival! 



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