The Golden Spinning Top winners & line-up additions

2019-06-24 12:25:37


The Golden Spinning Top is a popularity contest - the audience chooses their favourite festival performances. The winners are invited to perform at the Main Stage of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World and are given the best, headlining spot on the festival bill - after all, you clearly want to see them reprise their shows! 

This year you have cast an astounding 61 000 votes!

17 496 votes were cast in support of Polish rock band, Łydka Grubasa, thus ensuring that the audience will get to rock out to their humorous, highly-energetic numbers yet again. The band is the definition of irreverent and their tongue-in-cheek lyrics are paired with upbeat, fast rock music. The result? The audience loves them and each of their gigs - from the smallest Emerging Talent competitions to shows at the biggest stages of Polish outdoor festivals. They made their debut at the Festival in 2011 and they became a true fan favourite. 



15 713 votes have been cast in support of Hunter. The heavy metal band's verve and the ease with which they command any stage and any audience is legendary. They have been friends of our festival from the very beginning of our musical journey - the band performed at the second edition of Woodstock Festival Poland as it used to be known then. It seemed only right to have them take the Main Stage yet again - Hunter joins Pol'and'Rock 2019 line-up. 



When it comes to the roster of international bands, Dubioza Kolektiv has been voted as the fan-favourite, with 3 816 votes cast by the members of the audience. The band is best known for her their uncompromising lyrics, which are often politically involved, raise important social issues all done in an unmistakable style, which combines Balkanian rhythms with ska, punk, reggae, electronica, and hip-hop. The band's gig was a celebration of freedom and music in the purest form. 



Thank you for each vote. You create this festival with us! 

fot. Michał Kwaśniewski/zespół Łydka Grubasa

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