Renata Przemyk at the Night AFA Stage at Pol’and’Rock

2019-03-12 10:31:55


The singer-songwriter will grace the Night AFA Stage to celebrate the 30th anniversary of her career. The charismatic artist is known for her creative and vocal strength and dramatic performances.


The theatrical diva will take you on a journey of spiritual and artistic discovery as she celebrates an important anniversary at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World. Renata Przemyk is a Polish singer-songwriter, who began her musical journey in 1989. She is well known for the shows which never fail to evoke raw, honest emotion. It is difficult to assign her music into one specific genre - it is a vibrant and innovative blend of rock and folk, lyrical quality of classical music which results in music which can explain even the most complex and overwhelming emotions and travels of the human spirit. Renata is a woman of many talents - both as a songwriter and vocalist she commands the stage and enters in a conversation with an audience. Each of her albums is different and explores different musical and artistic opportunities in order to convey the underlaying message. Renata Przemyk’s accolades include some of the most prominent awards in the Polish music industry, such as Fryderyk music award. She is a critic and fan favourite, branching into theatre performances and stage work.





Renata Przemyk began her career as a member of Ya Hozna band, inspired by gritty punk scene and avant-garde art performance. As time passed, she began her solo career and appeared in many an acclaimed collaboration with well-loved Polish artists such as Kasia Nosowska (of the cult Hey band), Kayah (renowned singer, songwriter, and record label owner) and Strachy na Lachy, to name just a few. Her singles went gold and have entered a canon of Polish contemporary music.



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