Main Stage Concerts at the 24th Pol'and'Rock Festival

2018-08-05 05:34:55


Pol'and'Rockers enjoying the day's concerts. Photo credit: Anna Migda


It might be the last day of Pol'and'Rock, but the Festival is not slowing down! We have almost a full 12 hours of live music from the Main Stage. 


When a band comes out with crowd-pleasing favorites, you know it’s going to be a good one!

It has been a wonderful few months for Hope. They really are at their peak—their greatest hits, “Kut Da Bullshit”, “It’s Like That”, and “Go(Vid)Ahead” got everyone jumping around despite the heat.

Heavy bass, aggressive guitars, gramophone scratches, and strong drums: it’s no wonder the crowd went wild for them!

ABOUT THE BAND: Hope gets its inspiration from Korn, Limp Bizkit, and Suicidal Tendencies. They have even performed with the latter two! Read more

Hope rocking out on Pol’and’Rock’s Main Stage. Photo credit: Damian Mekal 


No one was expecting this amount of dirty rock'n'roll and thrash metal verve this early into the night!

The audience featured a lot of fans of the band and their eccentrically titled albums (try reading "The Spectre Of Corporatism: Starship Shaped Schnitzels From Planet Breadcrumbs Are Attacking A Giant Tree Monster Who Has A Vagina And Holds Hitler Hostage” three times fast).

Those who rocked the hardest were jumping around in a muddy puddle that formed right in front of the stage. The Czech frontman, Radek Škarohlíd, loved the crowd’s enthusiasm and encouraged their antics to the joy of both the mud-wranglers and the onlookers. 

ABOUT THE BAND: Hentai Corporation have already made their name in Czechia, and they are on a good way to becoming one of the best-loved rock bands in Europe. 

Hentai Corporation playing on the Main Stage at Pol'and'Rock. Photo credit: Szymon Aksienionek


Strong guitars. Volume turned up to the max. Chaotic, but in that good way. Counterfeit sure can put on a show!

Instead heavy metal growls and clapping, the performers were greeted with a cacophony of teenage screams. The young band gained a cult following last year, when they played on the Second Stage, and this year their fanbase turned up.

The band gave as good as they got. Their rebellious music kept the crowd going for the whole show and Jamie Campbell Bower’s leap into the audience will be a favorite Pol’and’Rock moment for many for years to come!

ABOUT THE BAND: After a string of initial successes on the Indie Rock scene, the band—then called The Darling Buds—decided to pivot to punk rock. It has obviously paid off! Read more

Jamie Campbell Bower putting on a show for the Pol'and'Rock audience. Photo credit: Stanisław Wadas


This was undoubtedly one of the best concerts of the Festival. Max Cavalera knows how to stir up a tribal heavy metal storm! 

As soon as “Frontman” started playing, the crowds in front of the stage were launched into a frenzy. The frontman kept upping the ante, helping the crowd set up walls of death and circle pits. 

To the audience’s even greater joy, the band stuck to te classics and left ample room for spectacular solos. The band even performed an encore, “Jumpdafuckup”, and the crowds wouldn’t stop cheering long after the band was offstage.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Soufly’s music strays from the pure heavy metal style and incorporates bossa nova and reggae beats into their mix of thrash metal, groove meal, and aggressive death metal. Read more

Soufly strumming up a storm from the Pol'and'Rock Main Stage. Photo credit: Szymon Aksienionek


One of the most popular reggae bands in the world made it to Pol’and’Rock all the way from Côte d'Ivoire!

Seydou Koné’s grandma used to call him “blondy” when he was a kid due to his unruly nature. That rebellious, laid-back attitude stuck with him through the years and, after a serious run-in with the law and a near-death experience in his young adult life, helped shape his music career.

Their socially conscious music, constantly evolving from one record to the next, always spreads the message of love, openness, tolerance, and peace. Their rare Polish concert here at Pol’and’Rock was an incredible experience to be part of!

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Alpha Blondy was popularised by Bob Marley himself, who recorded the band’s frontman perform with The Wailers. Read more

The crowd sang along with Alpha Blondy at Pol'and'Rock Festival. Photo credit: Stanisław Wadas


This was by far one of the most unique concerts at the Festival.

Lao Che started very strongly with a crowd favorite, “Zbieg z Krainy Dreszczowców”, immediately creating an otherworldly aura around them. The combination of perfectly planned sound and thoughtful lyrics was deeply rousing.

Hubert Dobaszewski looked as if he was in a trance, in his own realm, that the audience was invited to witness. Sometimes he sang, sometimes he spoke, sometimes he remained silent. It was a mystical experience.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: The Polish rock band Lao Che has been producing their politically charged, thoughtful tracks since 1999. Their music occupies a vibrant area between rock, alternative rock, punk rock, ska, ambient and folk-inspired numbers. Read more

Lao Che makes its 5th appearance at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World. Photo credit: Damian Mekal



Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes didn’t just play a concert for us. They created a show of music, lights and emotions like we have never seen before.

Read the full article here.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Frank Carter. Leaning out into a moshpit, stripped to the waist and screaming so hard the tendons in his neck threatening to burst through the skin. Read more

The band's incredible energy filled the Main Stage of the Festival. Photo credit: Anna Migda


A strong base of melodic guitars. Lots of aggressive riffs. A frontman who effortlessly switches between a deep growl to melodic song. Perfect!


Read the full article here.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1990, In Flames is world-renown as one of the forefathers of Melodic Death Metal. Read more

In Flames on the Main Stage of the 24th Pol'and'Rock Festival. Photo credit: Stanisław Wadas


One woman, one guitar, the whole Pol’and’Rock Main Stage. And you know what? She owned that huge space.

Agata Karczewska’s soft, hypnotizing voice enchanted the audience from the very first verse. The crowd was swaying back and forth, romanced by the sounds.

She may have been onstage only for a short while, but we are sure that many of you will be looking up more of her songs as soon as you get home!

ABOUT THE ARTIST: This Polish singer-songwriter was nominated to perform at the Pol’and’Rock Main Stage through our Auditions. Read more

Agata Karczewska filled the Main Stage of Pol'and'Rock.


The performance of Piotr Bukartyk and a band of amateur musicians is a Pol'and'Rock tradition that goes back many years.

For the past three days, a group of music fans practiced tirelessly. They sang, played guitars, saxophones, and trumpets, and perfected their stage moves.

The end result was a fantastic show—it would have been moving and heartwarming even if it had not been the final event of the Festival!

Piotr Bukartyk closing off this year's edition of Pol'and'Rock. Photo credit: Grzegorz Adamek

Love, friendship, rock & roll! Photo credit: Marcin Michoń


Thursday's artists have set the bar incredibly high, but those energy levels stayed with us through Friday with a fantastic mix of genres and styles.


A band with a charismatic lead singer, a great stage presence, and a fantastic choice of cover to play! 

The guys from RusT are following the recent trend of lookingg for inspiration in 70s music. Their blend of rock and blues with traditional hard rock schemas charms worldwide audiences, and it sure charmed our Pol’and’Rock crowd. 

Their energetic cover of The Who’s “My Generation” from 1965 just added to that classic rock vibe the band had built up. The audience loved it, the band loved it—an energizing, RusT'n'Roll start to a festival Friday!

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Inspired by the hard rock of the 70s, the Poznań-based band RusT debuted in 2014 with the album “White Fog”, which immediately received high praise both from critics and early fans of the band. By now, the guys have visited the stages of Orange Warsaw Festival (Poland), Masters of rock (Czech Republic), and Rock in the Barn (France). Read more

Rust performing on the Pol’and’Rock Main Stage. Photo credit: Damian Mekal


Hug your friends. Sing along. Enjoy. Snowman took the Main Stage at Pol’and’Rock and truly owned it.

Another band that got to the Pol’and’Rock Main Stage via our auditions. They slowed down a bit, let the crowds focus on the melodic lines and lyrics and rock foot to foot. 

At one point, Snowman got the audience to whistle along to a tune. At another, a catchy refrain got people crowding around the stage. It was a great concert—both for those who want to jump around and those who like to sit down and enjoy the ride.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Snowman debuted in 2008 and got a nomination to the prestigious Mateusze award from the Trójka, Poland’s popular national radio station. They’ve continued to deliver great music and be rewarded for it—they got their Main Stage spot through a great Pol’and’Rock audition! Read more

Snowman rocking out on the Pol'and'Rock Main Stage. Photo credit: Szymon Aksienionek. 


Quick and aggressive, Booze and Glory were the first typical punk rock band on the Pol’and’Rock stage this year.

The band played at this year’s Festival as part of their world tour for their most recent album, "Chapter IV”, but they didn’t forget their classics—“Leave The Kids Alone” and “London Skinhead Crew”. The audience loved it and so did we!

Melodic tunes with a solid power chord backdrop launched the crowds in front of the stage into crazy pogo. The drums added a hard rock feel with rhythmic tom-tom hits. The guitars were perfectly balanced, creating a new level of power.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: France’s Hellfest, England’s Rebellion, Punk Rock Bowling in Vegas… Booze & Glory has come incredibly far since 2009 and this year is looking even brighter. Read more

Booze & Glory: true punk rock style. Photo credit: Bartek Muracki


The English band gave it their all—and so did the crowds!

Josh Franceschi asked the audience if they’re ready and they sure were. As soon as the band started playing, the crowd launched into rhythmic jumping. The song list of You Me At Six is a perfect concert medley—for people who can take that level of energy.

The volunteer fire brigade from Żory that drove up right by the crowd and doused them with a cold spray of water was received as a true blessing!

ABOUT THE ARTIST: “Do we want to headline Wembley Stadium four nights in a row and headline Glastonbury? Yeah. Fuck yeah, we do,” says the frontman. Looking at how far they have come so far, they will surely get there! Read more

The volunteer fire brigade from Żory cools down the raving crowd. Photo credit: Anna Migda 


These guys sure know how to give a great metal show!

The band set the bar very high with their Main Scene concert at last year’s Festival, but this time it seems they managed to beat it. 

We got to hear some of their classics, like “Poniedziałek” and “Andżeju”, but we also got a teaser of the new album that is coming early next year with a never-before heard single—“Czarna czerń”. 

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Nocny Kochanek is a hit from previous Festival editions and always gathers a crowd. Their funny songs are the singalong variety of metal. Read more

Nocny Kochanek's frontman, Krzysztof Sokołowski, on the Pol'and'Rock stage. Photo credit: Damian Mekal


Are you ready for some heavy metal?” Rob Halford asked the crowd. The crowd’s reaction was overwhelming. Thousands of hands reached up to the sky. The crowd started jumping. And the music hadn’t even started playing.

Read the full article here.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: When a band has 40 years of experience, their concerts are always something to look forward to—and Judas Priest never misses the mark. Read more

Rob Halford starting the Judas Priest concert in his "Firepower" tour jacket. Photo credit: Marcin Michoń


This was the most intense experience for the crowd up front at Pol’and’Rock so far!

The blue-haired Alissa White-Gluz stood at the front of the stage as if she were commandeering a ship or perhaps controlling the minds of the thousands of people jumping madly in front of her. She had them sway left to right, jump up and down, and clapped after every wall of death the metal-crazed audience formed.

The guitarists’ intense riffs and skilful duets and solos kept up with the drums. The pace set kept the crowd jumping for the full concert duration.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: This Swedish melodic death metal band started out as a supergroup back in 1995 and has been entrancing its fans ever since.

Arch Enemy's Alissa White-Gluz encouraging the audience to sing during their Pol'and'Rock Main Stage concert. Photo credit: Stanisław Wadas


What better way to finish off another day of concerts than with an Eastern European discotehque! 

The guys from Balkan Beat Box immediately got friendly with the crowd and had them leaping into dance with hits from “Shout It Out” and older favorites. 

Happy, upbeat rhythms from the intersection of dub, reggae, and world music created a soundtrack for riots in the streets and a rallying call for the dance floor that kept the audience moving for the whole concert.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Balkan Beat Box draw from their Eastern European heritage, the smash-your-idols traditions of punk rock and free jazz, the undeniably rugged beats and production of hip-hop, the intrepid textural approach of electro, and their Balkan traditions. Read more

Balkan Beat Box getting the crowd moving at Pol'and'Rock. Photo credit: Stanisław Wadas

The Pol'and'Rock Festival crowds enjoying Main Stage concerts. Photo credit: Marcin Michoń


It’s been a fantastic day on our Main Stage at Pol’and’Rock today. Opening acts always get the luxury of a well-rested audience excited for the day, but it’s rare that the same level of energy lasts through the afternoon and well into the night! The audience and the bands sure did pull out all the stops. 


When Jurek Owsiak, head of the GOCC Foundation and promotor of the Pol'and'Rock Festival, stepped on stage, the crowd's roar almost brought the stage down. Welcome home, Pol'and'Rockers!

Read the full article here.

The official kickoff of the 24th Pol'and'Rock Festival. Photo credit: Anna Migda


These energy levels in this heat? Only at Pol’and’Rock! 

It sure is not easy to follow Jurek Owsiak kicking off the 24th Pol’and’Rock Festival. This Bosnian band’s slavic cocktail of hip-hop, reggae, dub, punk, and rock with a Balkan folk twist definitely delivered—it was the exact type of music you can’t help but dance to. 

The performance featured an intro we haven’t seen before: a voice synthesizer greeted the audience in Polish and commanded them to have fun. And they sure did! “Volio BiH” got the whole crowd jumping and they didn’t stop until the very last chord.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Dubioza Kolektiv was born in the uncertain, post-war Balkans in the early 2000s. Through their social commentary style music—such as “Free.mp3” released after the jailing of the founders of The Pirate Bay—the band grew into one of the most popular artists of Eastern Europe. Read more

Dubioza Kolektiv. Photo credit: Stanisław Wadas


After the first concert of the day, Jurek Owsiak asked the festival goers for a minute of silence to honor the Polish singer-songwriter Kora, who recently died of ovarian cancer. She led the hit rock band Manaam for over 30 years and was one of the biggest names on the Polish music scene.


A fantastic atmosphere and a chance to enjoy the rock from days gone by.

It’s rare that a musician starts their concert by talking about their farm, but this is just what happened here—and it was a great lead-in for their first number, “A Man Outstanding in His Field”. 

At first, the crowd didn’t know how to react to the softer, slower riffs, but they quickly got back in sync with the stage. The French musicians played in the old rock style of Led Zeppelin, without fear of changing rhythm and reaching for high and low notes.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: This duet is known for their dynamic blend of soul, rock, and funk music, for their unique lifestyle of making music for six months and managing their organic farm for the other six, and for the fact that for the full 10 years of their music career, they’ve refused to work with production studios and organized tours and published 5 records on their own. Read more

The Inspector Cluzo. Photo credit: Stanisław Wadas


Arrr, the pirates are here—and they brought all the best parts of folk metal with them! 

What should you expect when the stage is taken over by five pirates and a huge rubber duck? Alestorm, of course! They barely started and the crowd was already getting their Scottish jig on. People continued jumping, dancing, and clapping to the rhythm at the artists' cues and it sounded as if all of Poland had sung along to "Hangover".

The band was a great crowd-pleaser and even got everyone to sit down and pretend to row a boat for one of their numbers. Shanties at Pol’and’Rock? With these guys, it’s smooth sailing!

ABOUT THE ARTIST: This scottish band is the face of their own music genre, “pirate metal”. They themselves admit that their tunes are heavily influenced by pop and that’s why they’re so catchy. Read more

Alestorm. Photo credit: Damian Mekal


The audience was one with the music and the band loved it.

This was one of the most awaited concerts of the night. Hunter is a true legend of Polish metal, as is their violinist, Michał Jelonek. And they sure delivered with a concert that was a perfect balance of melancholy and aggression.

The crowd got a perfect balance of soulful mournfulness and energizing aggression, and by the time “Dwie Siekiery” played, the audience was jumping and bumping in a mad pogo. Even the further away listeners sitting in front of their tents or in the food zone couldn't help but nod their heads to the music.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Hunter predates Pol’and’Rock—they’ve been making music, starting with covers, since 1985. They have perfected a flavor of metal every audience craves. Read more

Hunter. Photo credit: Paweł Krupka


What is the best way to start the perfect heavy metal set? With dynamic drums and powerful riffs right from the start, of course! A band in their prime can only sound this good in a crowd of Pol’and’Rockers.

Read the full article here.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: This French and has been operating since 1996, and with great results. Their most recent record, “Magma”, comes from a studio they built themselves. Read more

Gojira. Photo credit: Damian Mekal


This was a truly unique experience created by truly unique people.

Wojtek Mazolewski is known for his fusion style of music making—just last year we saw him in a beautiful jazz set at the Night AFA stage. This time, he brought in the big guns: Ania Rusowicz (blues rock creator), John Porter (Poland-based Briton who specialises in rock), Wojciech Waglewski (music producer, radio personality, and composer) and the choir of the folk song and dance ensemble “Śląsk”.

This mix  of jazz, rock, and Polish folk could only produce something big—and it sure did. Such an interesting blend is something that Pol’and’Rock festival goers enjoy each year—and the tradition of combining modern music styles with folk always gets people dancing.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Music really knows no bounds, and this creator knows it. Polish jazzman and multi-instrumentalist Wojtek Mazolewski isn’t scared to mix music genres. Read more

Wojtek Mazolewski "Chaos Pełen Idei" with the "Śląsk" folk choir. Photo credit: Marcin Michoń


A charismatic lead singer, an audience of fans, and reggae tunes that turn everyone into dancing queens—the perfect mix!

The perfect cacophony of chill and happy instruments and voices, Tabu’s musicmaking is like a well-oiled machine. Not a single note out of place, not one singer rocking off beat. With them on stage, the thousands gathered at the Pol’and’Rock Main Stage did not need any encouragement to bust out their best moves.

Tabu soon couldn’t see much of the audience as the jumping and dancing crowd kicked up clouds of dust. A fire brigade came to their aid and sprayed gallons of water at the grateful crowd.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: These winners of the Golden Spinning Top this year are a Pol’and’Rock band, through and through. Last year we saw them on the Small Stage, this year they’re ready to take on the biggest one. Read more

Tabu. Photo credit: Stanisław Wadas


American pop rock legends took over the Pol’and’Rock stage as the night’s headliners. Their first ever concert in Poland in their over 30-year career was a resounding success.

Read the full article here.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: “And I’d give up forever to touch you, ‘cause I know that you feel me somehow…”—everyone who listened to rock in the 90s and 2000s knows this one. The Goo Goo Dolls hit record-breaking popularity in the 90s and continue to make and play great music. Read more

Heavy metal always draws in a big crowd at Pol'and'Rock! Photo credit: Anna Migda


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