Positive assesment from the public health inspector

2018-06-28 11:43:42

The promoter of the festival, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation, received another positive assessment of the festival. We are very happy to hear that the public health inspectorate ruled that the festival complies with all regulations concerning public health, hygiene, and safety regulations of mass events


Festival field Michał Kwaśniewski


When issuing their decision, specialists from the public health inspectorate considered a variety of different factors, such as the efforts of the festival organizer to ensure that the festival is hygienic and tidy. This year the organizer focuses a lot of resources on keeping the festival clean and encouraging festival-goers to be more eco-friendly. There will be 35 recycling and litter disposal points at the festival grounds, and the organizer is committed to limiting the amount of waste produced by the festival. In order to promote these eco-friendly ideas, the organizer is undertaking educational efforts for the duration of the event. 

We are maximising our efforts to make the festival more Earth-friendly, and we count on the support of festival-goers. We will be providing the campers and the audience with rubbish bags and we will encourage them to bring their waste to designated recycling points. We have appointed 35 such places. We want to make our festival truly eco this year! says Jurek Owsiak, promoter of the festival. 


Strefa Eko w Miasteczku Leszka fot. Dominik Malik





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