Golden Spinning Top winners come back to the festival

2018-07-03 15:02:54


Golden Spinning Top is a public opinion poll, where the audience of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World can vote for their favourite performance from last year's edition of the festival. The winning artists are invited to return to the festival and to take some of the best slots in the Main Stage line-up. The audience can vote in four categories: Polish and international bands from the Main Stage, Polish and international bands from the Second Stage. Three winners accepted our invitation to appear at this year's Pol'and'Rock Festival. They are Counterfeit, Nocny Kochanek, and Tabu. 


Counterfeit - 1775 votes 



The british punk-rockers gave an unforgettable show at the Second Stage last year. The young band went through a serious creative change. The band began playing as The Darling  Buds. The musicians played indie rock. After a string of initial successes, the band members realized that they did not enjoy the music they were creating - and decided to pursue a more gritty, raw, and honest brand of punk-rock. Brutally honest lyrics, penned for their debut album, titled "Together We Are Stronger" are combined with energetic and rough sounds brought them international critical acclaim and grew their fanbase all around the world.


Nocny Kochanek - 8420 votes



Nocny Kochanek are a unique band - combining the best traditions of power metal with humorous lyrics and amazing stage energy, they have won thousands of devotes fans in a relatively short amount of time. Having taken part in the Emerging Bands Competition last year, they have won a coveted Main Stage spot. They will reprise their performance this summer! 


Tabu - 5098 votes



Tabu are one of the most beloved bands in Poland. They combine reggae with ska and add some well-known and familiar elements of Polish folk and rock music. Positive lyrics and engaging, dynamic shows make the musicians very welcome at the festival. Tabu are confirmed to perform at the Main Stage at Pol'and'Rock Festival 2018. 


Amon Amarth - 2474 votes



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