PPNOU to play at the Second Stage

2018-04-23 15:54:00

PPNOU is the acronym of  Pierwsza Poznanska Niesymfoniczna Orkiestra Ukulele, which means the First Poznan Non-Symphonic Ukulele Orchestra. 

PPNOU is a unique band, made up of musicians – enthusiasts, who were seduced by the characteristic sound and dainty size of a Hawaiian guitar, commonly known as ukulele, or simply uke. Four guys from Poznan (not five from Liverpool) with tiny instruments, making a lot of noise will make anything you‘ve known about music so far no longer relevant. Expect the unexpected at their concerts! They break conventions and women’s hearts.





Each concert of the band is a real interaction with the audience. Regardless of whether their show takes place in a movie theatre or in a club, it pulls the audience out of its seats, and everybody spontaneously joins singing. The band has a unique character, a sound like no other. Musicians like to surprise, so the audience needs a moment to recognise rearranged hits of AC/DC "Highway to Hell" or Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean". Their shows and music are a celebration of life, a joyous display of their love for creativity. 



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