Traffic at Pol'and'Rock Festival

2018-06-26 13:53:04

The festival is just around the corner.  We are sure that a lot of you are getting ready to enjoy 3 days of music and amazing atmosphere, and some of you might wonder about the location of parking lots at Pol'and'Rock Festival. We also would like to remind you that the city of Kostrzyn nad Odrą introduces traffic detours on the roads leading to and from the festival site in order to facilitate the movement of vehicles during the festival. 


Pole Malinowskiego - fot. Łukasz Widziszowski


The festival field is a car-free site. You are not allowed to enter the festival site and leave your car parked there. Those of you, who have driven into the festival field, will be asked to move your cars to the parking lots appointed by the city of Kostrzyn nad Odrą. You will be allowed to park your car and camp on Malinowski Field - provided that there is enough space for cars! Malinowski Field Campsite is the only parking lot located within the festival site! 


There are parking lots located in the town of Kostrzyn nad Odrą. You can leave your car in the municipal parking lots for 20 PLN per day. Bear in mind that you are supposed to pay for your car only - not for the number of passengers, neither for tents nor for passing through the parking lot. Make sure to ask for a receipt after making your payment! 


There are 9 parking lots organized by the local NGOs. You can help local charities and leave your car in their parking lots! 


Parking lots are located in three different areas - two of them will be located by Gorzowska street. The third parking sector is located in the vicinity of the area known a Grudzia Hill (Wzgórze Grudzia). 


Map of parking lots at Pol'and'Rock Festival


The city council made sure to set up reserve parking areas. You will be directed there once the primary parking lots are full. They will be located by Jana Pawła II street, Graniczna street, Niepodległośi street, and Wyszyńskiego street. 


All other parking lots are illegal - if you have any concerns about the legitimacy of any parking areas, you should get in touch with the police. Make sure to avoid parking lots set up in the wooded areas, do not use forest roads and fire escape routes to park your car, as it might have serious consequences


Another important thing all drivers should be mindful of is the fact that in order to facilitate the traffic in and out of the festival site, the police has introduced traffic detours. Make sure to follow all traffic signs when driving around Kostrzyn nad Odrą! Plan your journey well ahead of time and - be safe! 

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