Pablopavo & Ludziki at the Second Stage

2019-05-22 16:20:05

The artist known as Pablopavo was born in March 1978. He formed his first band in 1993, and he has been active in the Polish music industry ever since. Debut album of Pablopavo & Ludziki formation was released in 2009. Four albums followed suit - with the latest record released in 2017. An effortless mixture of different musical genres, drawing on the vocalist's background as reggae and raggamuffin vocalist and lyrical quality of Polish guitar ballads, Pablopavo & Ludziki's music has quickly gained attention from the critics and music fans alike. 

Pablopavo received many accolades, including the prestigious "Paszport Polityki" awarded by an influential monthly magazine for achievements in the area of culture, politics, and social life.



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