Dominican friar Ludwik Wiśniewski to appear at AFA

2019-04-24 14:38:07


Father Ludwik Wiśniewski decided to join the Dominican fraternity in 1952. He was ordained in 1961 and he graduated from Academy of Catholic Theology in Warsaw seven years later. Wiśniewski began his pastoral ministry in Gdańsk and went on to work in Lublin and in Wrocław. The late 1980s brought on his "Social Weeks" initiative, which encouraged building new and improved social structures.


Ludwik Wiśniewski became a vocal critic of the system, and he wrote a famous open letter to Edward Gierek criticising his claims that communist Poland is a secular country. In 1977 he became one of the signatories of 'Appeal to the Polish society' ("Apel do społeczeństwa polskiego") which was meant to become one of the documents of the nascent Movement for Defence of Human and Civil Rights. As a consequence, Wiśniewski was listed as one of the 60 oppositionists in Poland. 


fot. Adam Walanus


The friar was awarded Order of Polonia Restituta for extraordinary and distinguished service to the society and civil rights movement. In recent years, Wiśniewski became known for his outspoken criticism of political involvement of the Catholic Church in Poland. He has pointed out the activities of church officials which go directly against the teachings of scripture. 

You will be able to meet and listen to his talk at AFA on Thursday, August the 1st. 

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