We are Pol'and'Rock!

2018-04-24 09:22:18

We keep playing!

This year, the event, which is organised to show the foundation’s gratitude for public involvement in the annual Grand Finale charitable collection, will be named Pol'and'Rock Festival.  The festival will be held in the same location of Kostrzyn nad Odrą in western Poland. The festival begins on August 2nd and ends on August 4th, 2018.

The festival combines four vibrant music stages with cultural and educational activities. The festival, yet again, will be a destination for young and old people seeking fun and knowledge. The ethos of the event remains unchanged as well – we cherish the ideals of love, friendship, and music and take a stand against violence and drug abuse. Pol'and'Rock Festival – just like the previous editions of the festival – will be a celebration of tolerance, mutual respect, and freedom.


The promoters of Woodstock Music & Art Fair have kindly allowed us to use the name for the last 23 years. We have consistently built our very own, individual identity and promoted our vision of the festival. We envisioned our festival as a free, non-commercial event. We focus on the human experience rather than on financial gain and put emphasis on the ethos of socially involved, poignant event. It seems we have reached the limits of holding our festival under this label. When a commercial agency, which has taken over the matter, had issued a new set of conditions which had to be met in order for us to be able to continue to use the name, we realised that it would go against the very essence of our meeting of Kostrzyn nad Odrą. Our festival is based on the ideas of freedom and independence! The time has come for the festival to emerge under a new, genuine name. It is a phrase we have coined ourselves and it represents us and our event. Join us at Pol'and'Rock Festival to experience a truly unique event! says Jurek Owsiak, the originator and promoter of the festival.

 M. Michon


Pol'and'Rock Festival will traditionally be a free, non-commercial event. Just like during the previous editions of the event, the 2018 festival will promote education, social awareness and focus on important global issues. We will attempt to create the basis of civil society, promote the ideals of tolerance, peace, and equality. The festival-goers can explore diverse activities and learn more about the initiatives were undertaken by different NGOs. Pol'and'Rock Festival is a socially conscious event and it is a space for exploration, learning, and social activism. Festival-goers explore the world and learn about global and local responsibility, celebrate their country, and explore new ideas.


The festival is renowned for its health and safety solutions, and it is known as the safest mass event in Poland. According to the health and safety professionals and uniformed and emergency services the organization of the festival has always been exemplary. The organizers of the event speak about the health and safety procedures at international trade conferences.


Safety of the participants of our festival is of paramount importance to us. We spare no expenses or efforts and energy on health and safety at the festival. We pride ourselves on the experience of our health and safety experts and we are proud to say that our health and safety solutions are deemed exemplary by the police and emergency services. Pol'and'Rock Festival will, of course, continue in the same vein. Our experience of holding 23 previous editions of the festival build up a huge capital of trust, says Krzysztof Dobies, press officer of Pol'and'Rock Festival.

The artists will be featured on four very diverse stages: Main Stage, Second Stage, Viva Kultura Tent Stage, and AFA Night Stage. The line-up of the festival includes acts such as Lao Che, Arch Enemy, Goo Goo Dolls, Big Mountain, The Inspector Cluzo, Booze And Glory, Balkan Beat Box, Blues Pills, while many other artists remain to be announced.


The fact that some of the top artists, people who performed at some of the most renowned festivals in the world are impressed with our event, gives us a great boost of energy. They take amazing memories with them, and they experience the sensation of playing for a massive, appreciative and keen audience of our festival. We need to make sure that they know exactly where this festival is, where these emotions are and what makes our festival such a special event, says Bartłomiej Stolarek, Pol'and'Rock Booking Manager.


Keep playing with us! 


photo: M. Kwaśniewski

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