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Last year marked the beginning of a wonderful initiative bringing jazz music to the festival. Jazz artists were invited to perform sets during a JAZZ Night session at the Academy of the Finest of Arts. These intimate and atmospheric concerts drew unexpected crowds of music-lovers, who cried for more jazz. 

We are teaming with Jazz Forum to bring you the best jazz experience! 


Academy of the Finest of Arts

August 1st

22:20 - P.Unity 

00:00 - Tomasz Chyła

01:40 - Laboratorium


August 2nd 

01:20 - Bibobit  


Second Stage

August 2nd

23:10 - Laboratorium


P.Unity – threading the line between hip-hop and jazz.


P. Unity is a musical energy bomb. Drawing inspiration from artists such as The Roots, Prince, and George Clinton, musicians incorporate elements of funk music into Slavic psychedelia sounds and blend them flawlessly with smooth soul.

Even though the band has been established in 2014, you can tell that the musicians have worked with each other for 10 years in order to perfect their trademark sound and style.

The band’s first EP, Mango has been released in 2017. In 2017 the band collaborated with the legendary jazzman Michał Urbaniak and recorded two songs for his album Beats & Pieces


  • Maciej Sondij - guitar
  • Miłosz Oleniecki - keyboards
  • Rafał Dutkiewicz - drums
  • Adrian Manowski – bass guitar
  • Jędrzej Dudek - vocals
  • Weronika Grzesiewicz - vocals
  • Sara Jaroszyk - vocals
  • Bartosz Tkacz - saxophone
  • Witold Haliniak - trombone


P Unity


Tomasz Chyła Quintet


The band have conquered Polish jazz music scene proving yet again that Polish musical improvisation scene has a lot to offer.

Their musical vision has been honed to perfection by the quintet’s leader, violinist Tomasz Chyła. Chyła embarked on a creative collaboration with excellent musicians. Even though a violin is seemingly an instrument far removed from jazz sensibilities, Chyła brilliantly intertwines its sound with other instruments, creating powerful and imaginative music.

Tomasz Chyła Quintet has been awarded Grand Prix at the Jazz Juniors International Music Festival.

They have released one album titled Eternal Entropy.


  • Tomasz Chyła - violin
    Piotr Chęcki - saxophone
    Szymon Burnos - piano
    Krzysztof Słomkowski - contrabass
    Sławomir Koryzno - drums


Tomasz Chyła Quintet



The band is one of the longest lasting musical improvisation collectives in the country. They continued to wow and inspire audiences with their unconventional and creative approach to music. Their sound is as explosive as it is personal and unique.

The band achieved peak popularity in the 1970s and now is making its long-awaited comeback. Even though the band weathered many a storm, and line-up underwent some changes, the spirit of this jazz collective has remained unchanged. The band managed to re-invent their sound remaining faithful to their creative convictions and ideals.



  • Janusz Grzywacz – keyboard instruments
  • Marek Stryszowski – alto & soprano saxophones, EWI, vocals 
  • Krzysztof Ścierański – bass guitar
  • Marek Raduli - guitar 
  • Grzegorz Grzyb – drums
  • featuring: Bernard Maseli - vibraphone






The band brings together jazz, electronica, and hip-hop in epic live performances.

Daniel Moszczyński and Bartek Pietsch are responsible for launching this musical project, which escapes simple definitions and breaks free from all genre conventions in music. Band members want to approach music from a different perspective: blending jazz harmonies with rap samples and ground them in heavy electronic beats. Bibobit is an epitome of modernity because they create a truly modern mixture of genres such as jazz, groove, hip-hop.  

They love to perform live and it seems that the collective, fronted by the energetic and versatile rapper-singer Moszczyński, has been born to play in front of the audience. Bibobit have played in Poland and abroad, taking the stages as Orange Warsaw Festival, Kaliningrad City Jazz and Enea Spring Break.

They have releases and EP EP1, and one studio album, Plotka, which featured a performance by Urszula Dudziak.



  • Daniel „Wolny” Moszczyński - vocals, sampler, vocoder, adapter, talk box
  • Bartek Pietsch – bass guitar, vocals
  • Zdzisław Babiarski - keyboards
  • Jan Adamczewski - saxophone
  • Waldemar Franczyk - drums
  • Patrycjusz Gruszecki - trumpet



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