Mariusz Szczygieł and Filip Springer at Pol'and'Rock Festival

2019-05-08 15:46:18


Mariusz Szczygieł is one of the best-known feature writers in Poland. His insightful and sharp feature stories are also translated into different languages. He is often referred to as a leading expert on anything Czech and his popular book, Gottland, published in 2006 received the European Book Prize and Polish Booksellers prize. Szczygieł began his writing career with a collection of reportages titled Shift, which detailed experience of gay and lesbian youth in Poland. Mariusz Szczygieł is a laureate of Polish and international awards, such as Prix Amphi, Nike Award, and many other accolades. 


Filip Springer is a Polish photojournalist and feature writer. He quickly established himself as an expert on architecture and urban landscape he began collecting and commenting on the absurdities of Polish cities and its eclectic and sometimes ridiculous aesthetics of towns and cities in Poland. He published four collections of feature stories on Polish architecture - both modern and dating back to the era of Socialism. Miedzianka. The History of A Disappearance, a collection of feature stories published in 2011, was shortlisted for Poland's leading literary awards such as Ryszard Kapuściński's Prize and the Historical Book of the Year. 


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