Majka Jeżowska at the Second Stage

2019-05-14 11:26:30


Majka Jeżowska is best known for her prolific career as a children’s singer. Her upbeat songs are an instant hit with the younger audiences. Paired with wholesome lyrics and energetic melodies, Jeżowska’s hits include “A ja wolę moją mamę”, “Najpiękniejsza w klasie” and ”Od rana mam dobry humor”, to name a few. Her releases went platinum and her shows are always sold out. We emphasise the fact that our festival is a safe space for everyone to have fun and we prepare activities for parents and their children. We think that Jeżowska's timeless, wholesome appeal will draw a diverse audience.



Jeżowska’s performance will surely be great fun for all family and both older audience members and kids are sure to have fun!

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