2018-08-04 20:55:19

Medical Patrol at Pol'and'Rock Festival

Medical Patrol members are all qualified medical staff - they are paramedics, certified first aid responders, nurses, and doctors. With the help of professional equipment they constitute our medical department at Pol'and'Rock Festival.
2018-06-28 12:00:33

Positive feedback about medical & first aid at the festival

Festival promoters received first positive feedback regarding medical and first aid facilities at Pol'and'Rock Festival 2018. Medical specialists from Kostrzyn nad Odrą hospital are satisfied with first aid and medical facilities planned for this year's edition of the festival.
2017-08-03 11:39:35

We are all keeping Woodstock Poland safe!

You are our top priority! That is why as long as we play we will keep banging on about keeping safe. We keep on training, practicing and improving to make sure we can keep you safe no matter what.
2017-08-02 13:47:39

Medical Partol ready for action!

Woodstock Festival Poland is a massive open air event, and the event organisers are working to ensure that the participants of the festival can seek professional medical help from the festival medical services, known as the Medical Patrol.
2016-07-13 17:55:07

You’re important to us

Woodstockians’ safety is our highest priority at the Woodstock Festival. It takes the whole year to arrange safety services and prepare them accurately so that you could stay safe at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World.
2016-07-13 14:45:56

Medical Patrol almost ready for the 22nd Woodstock Festival Poland

Great fun, music, friendship, workshops and performances - they're only some of the aspects of the Woodstock Festival. Another important thing is arrangement of medical security to ensure Woodstockians’ safety during the whole Woodstock Festival. Medical Patrol members are getting ready for work.
2016-07-12 15:28:08

We're here for you

Peace and Medical Patrol briefing is behind us. We're here to ensure your safety and to help organize the 22nd Woodstock Festival Poland.
2016-07-03 19:10:47

Lear CPR at Woodstock Festival Poland

Join us in CPR for Schools Programme tent to learn the basics of first aid and see for yourself how easy it is to help others and learn how to save others!
2017-11-06 12:03:38

Medical Patrol – always on the alert

They are always there when we need them, on duty 24/7 –The Medical Patrol. The health of every Woodstockian lies in their hands, and we all trust them on that.

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