2018-08-16 13:09:06

10 unique snaps of #PolAndRock2018

Let's look back at the festival pictures you shared on social media. Wish we could go back in time...
2017-08-23 15:18:43

Cardiac monitors and AEDs at Woodstock Festival Poland

Viridian Poland has been cooperating with Woodstock Festival Poland since 2014 and this year we have provided top quality medical equipment to the field festival. We are delighted that we could supply the medical staff at the festival with 8 cardiac monitors and automated external defibrillators.
2017-08-03 21:34:45

The Kyle Gass Band played for us!

That was good old America - with history of music taking center stage. It was wild and free like a journey down the Route 66 with the sun setting in the background. Guitar heroes and charismatic vocals!
2016-08-08 12:28:09

NGOs at the AFA Hill - Quality & Quantity!

We believe in the power of the third sector organizations and we are always happy to host NGOs at the AFA hill. We love strolling around the NGO area and learning about their mission, their ideals, and goals.

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