Lao Che are back at Pol'and'Rock Festival

2018-03-16 14:21:24

LAO CHE is a Polish rock back formed in 1999. It is difficult to pin down their music style to one particular genre - their music occupies a vibrant area between rock, alternative rock,  punk rock, ska, ambient and folk-inspired numbers. Their career took off after their highly acclaimed concept album 'Powstanie Warszawskie' (Warsaw Uprising), their second album release in 2005. 

Their most recent album, titled 'WOS' taps into that ever-popular 80s nostalgia. Even though the music is strongly inspired by popular music from the 1980s, the members of LAO CHE put their own very unique spin on the well-known tunes. Lyrics on the album are far from trivial as well - they touch upon important, existential matters such as dreams and reality of life as a citizen of Poland, Earth - a human being. 

The band is very familiar with the stages and audience of the Most Beautiful Festival of the Word - they have played at Woodstock 4 times already! 



Lao Che



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