Katarzyna Puzynska at AFA

2018-07-13 11:34:44

Katarzyna Puzynska pens a highly popular crime series about police officers from a quiet village of Lipovo. The author will be meeting with readers at the Academy of the Finest of Arts on August 3rd. 


Puzynska is a psychologist, and she began her writing career while working as a university lecturer. She debuted with a novel "Motylek" ("The Butterfly") which begins a saga about police offers from a small, quaint village of Lipowo. Puzynska's novels have been compared to the works of Agatha Christie and Camilla Läckberg thanks to their detailed psychological portrayals of human motivations and apt remarks on the social issues of today's provincial Poland as well as complex moral themes. 

The rights to the Lipovo murder series have been sold to 20 countries and the author has been awarded numerous literary prizes and accolades. 


Katarzyna Puzynska zagości na Akademii Sztuk Przepięknych Fot. Agata Adamczyk


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