Katarzyna Nosowska at AFA

2019-05-31 14:41:17


Katarzyna Nosowska, referred to by diminutive "Kasia", is best known as the leading singer of the cult Polish band, Hey, and for her successful solo career. Together with Hey, one of the most popular bands of the 1990s and early noughties she has forged a creative path, which established them as leaders of Polish alternative music scene. Her unique voice and creative sensitivity are paired with a unique stage presence. The singer often comes across as shy and reserved, however, the audience latches onto her honesty, authenticity and specific, genuine, wit. Kasia effortlessly moves through musical genres, drawing inspiration from grunge, heavy metal, classic rock, electronica, and pop. 


Kasia Nosowska


11 albums released with Hey and 6 solo albums later, Nosowska is revealing a new, vibrant persona. Inspired by funk, pop, and upbeat electro music, the singer released her newest album, titled "Basta", in 2018. Concerts, promoting this release sold out in a matter of hours. What is more, with an aid of Instagram filters, Kasia channelled her wit and sense of humour to address the overwhelming obsession with looks, which has taken over our social media, and now threatens to take over our lives. The honest and open way in which she voices her opinions is refreshing and the humour with which she points out the absurdities of image-obsessed celebrity culture has won her the status of best-loved online personality in the country. Kasia's opinions, even though delivered in a light-hearted, witty tone, make a vital argument for the sake of self-acceptance and body positivity. The topics addressed by the singer on her Instagram profile have bled into a best-selling book. Kasia speaks about fame, her creative journey, feminism, food, and friendships. 

Kasia Nosowska

Kasia and Hey performed at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World five times, while each of their shows felt like a real homecoming for the artists, this year Kasia will be making her debut as AFA panellist. Meeting her will be an opportunity to hear one of the most important voices not only in Polish music but in Polish culture. 

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