Hrabi sketch comedy group at Pol'and'Rock Festival

2019-05-08 13:55:31


We are all about variety, and Hrabi sketch group is a great fit for our traditional comedy night at the Academy of the Finest of Arts. Popular sketch comedy group, Hrabi, will be entertaining our festival goers the night before we officially launch the music on the Main Stage of the festival. Crowds usually flock to the Big AFA Tent to enjoy a raucous performance from the leading comedians and set the right mood for the upcoming weekend.

Hrabi sketch comedy group is one of the best-known comedy ensembles in the country. Established in 2002, the group's forte is a situational comedy - a funny commentary on the absurdities of day-to-day life in modern Poland and an ironic look on gender stereotypes and rules of savoir-vivre and human foibles and failures of character. 


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