Justyna Kopińska & Igor Tuleya at AFA

2019-05-24 10:42:04


Justyna Kopińska is a Polish reporter, who often focuses on crime and criminal law as well as courts and penitentiary system in the country. Her reportages resulted in criminals being convicted and law being changed to improve the safety standards in children's institutions. Her motto states: "for me, journalism is about giving voice to those, who don't have it". She received European Press Prize in "Distinguished Writing Award" for her reportage unveiling the violence at the psychiatric hospital in Starogard Gdański. Kopińska is the first Polish laureate of European Press Prize, which is often referred to as the European Pulitzer. On top of a successful journalism career, Kopińska published three acclaimed non-fiction books - each of them a collection of in-depth reportages, which break conventions and discover the truth about modern Poland. 


Igor Tuleya is a judge and former spokesperson for Warsaw District Court. He has been ruling on criminal cases since 1996. Tuleya is an active member of Iustitia Association. Igor Tuleya was our AFA guest last year. Together with Kopińska, the judge will address the responsibility of the press and how journalists can work to improve our judicial system. The panellists will also discuss the freedom of the press, and try to answer if a detailed reportage can be used as evidence in a criminal case. 



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