Judas Priest: A Crash Course in Metal

2018-08-04 02:32:34

“Are you ready for some heavy metal?” Rob Halford asked the crowd. “Are you ready?” he repeated. The crowd’s reaction was overwhelming. Thousands of hands reached up to the sky. The crowd started jumping. Dozens of people popped up above the waving hands and started crowdsurfing.

And the music hadn’t even started playing.

Crowds gathered to see Judas Priest in concert at Pol'and'Rock. Photo credit: Anna Migda


When a band has 40 years of experience, their concerts are always something to look forward to. Judas Priest rose to the challenge, kicking off with “Firepower” from the group’s most recent album, but also mixing in plenty of crowd-pleasing classics.

Rob Halford in his "Firepower" tour jacket performs at Pol'and'Rock Festival. Photo credit: Marcin Michoń

When Scott Travis set the pace on the drums and the audience realized that some legendary shredding is coming up, they already knew where this was going. After Halford yelled out “Breaking the what?”, the crowd didn’t hesitate—tens of thousands of people immediately yelled back “Law!”. The band kicked right into playing “Painkiller”, one of their best tracks.

Rob Halford can still hit those high notes. It is an incredible experience to hear his voice echoing across the Festival Field and when the Faulkner/Sneap duet harmonised so perfectly on guitar. Their solos were impressive as always.

 These guitars won Pol'and'Rockers hearts. Photo credit: Marcin Michoń


One of the band’s guitarists, Glenn Tipton, has sat out many a concert in the past half year due to his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis. However, he made a special onstage appearance here at Pol’and’Rock and performed "Living After Midnight", one of the band's biggest hits, which he co-wrote back in the 80s.

The audience greeted him with a resounding roar and kept cheering him on, both as a thank you and as an encouragement to keep fighting the disease, for the whole time he was on stage.

The fans loved seeing Glenn Tipton onstage and with a guitar in hand. Photo: Stanisław Wadas


Apart from being an auditory treat, Judas Priest’s Pol’and’Rock appearance was also amazing visually. It was obvious that this performance was thought through and planned to the finest detail.

The stage was styled as a dark temple, with giant candelabras set up in pairs on either side of the drum set. This setup, designed specifically for their “Firepower” tour, made the drummer look as if he was on a throne or altar. The band’s technicians took the time to set up a giant screen at the back of the stage to have full control over the backdrop of the show. The lights were perfectly aligned with the beat and reached far and wide to include nearly every fan in the stage’s experience. Even Rob Halford’s outfit changes were perfectly coordinated with the setlist.

Pol'and'Rockers crowdsurfing at the Judas Priest concert. Photo credit: Anna Migdał

What is there more to say—it was a heavy metal feast! Perfected to the finest detail. These gentlemen could easily be heavy metal professors, but instead they put on leather, come out on stage and show the youngsters how it should be done!

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