The Morning After: All You Need to Know

2018-08-05 01:56:09

The Most Beautiful Festival in the World is slowly coming to a close. It was a fantastic couple of days and we loved seeing all of your smiling faces at the Festival Field. 

The Festival will officially end before dawn, with a final performance by Piotr Bukartyk, who—as is Festival tradition—will do a closing performance alongside all the participants of his 3-day workshops.

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But what next? Sunday morning—and the time when the first of you will start heading home—is only a few hours away.

Backpackers heading home from the Pol'and'Rock Festival Field. Photo credit: Michał Kwaśniewski


Most shops and activities shut down on Saturday afternoon. There are a few places and initiatives, though, that will stay in operation for a little while longer.

The Medical Patrol

The superheroes of this very sunny weekend will be taking patients until noon. Remember to pick up any medications you left with them for the duration of the Festival!

The Pol'and'Rock Medical Patrol heading out for their shift. Photo credit: Paweł Krupka


The field supermarket that kept you all fed and supplied throughout the Festival will keep its door open until 12pm so that you all can get snacks and drinks for the road.

Food Court

Some of the booths at our food court, as well as a couple of Coca Cola booths, will keep their doors open for some time tomorrow.


We are keeping the water on throughout the day tomorrow. You will be able to take a quick, refreshing field shower before you go!

The cold field showers at Pol'and'Rock were a blessing in this heat. Photo credit: Marcin Michoń


Take care of yourselves. Together with our sponsor and beer producer Lech, we want to make sure that you get home safely. Breathalyser stations in the Leszek Festival Village and on the way to parking lots will stay open until 1am on Saturday night and from 8am until 3pm on Sunday.

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Check yourself with a breathalyser before you leave the Festival Field. Photo credit: Dominik Malik


If you are taking the train, check your connection options beforehand and spend a few extra relaxing hours on the Festival Field instead of crowding the station. Buy your train ticket in the dedicated booths—one is conveniently located along the shopping mall—or online.

Pol'and'Rockers at the Kostrzyn train station. Photo credit: Michał Kwaśniewski

We know. We don’t want to say goodbye, either. But we have to go so we can start work on the 27th Grand Finale of the GOCC in January—and then for the next edition of Pol’and’Rock next summer.

We are very glad to have seen all your bright, happy faces at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World! We hope you had fun at the dozens of concerts, workshops, lectures, movie screenings, and that you got to spend some time with old friends or make some new ones. You helped us make this Festival the magical place that it was. See you next year!

Everyone's happy at Pol'and'Rock! Photo credit: Agnieszka Janowska


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