A Guide for Our Youngest Pol'and'Rockers

2018-08-03 09:59:09

When people think of summertime music festivals, they usually think of late-night concerts and living under field conditions. While both of those might be true for the Most Beautiful Festival in the World, the festival’s organisers have always made a point of including heaps of activities for the youngest Pol’and’Rockers.



There’s a whopping 8 hours of activities for children each day of the Festival! They’re led by the organizations Kolorowe Dzieci and Pragmatica Foundation in a dedicated Kids’ Zone at the Academy of the Finest Arts. 

The youngsters can learn to dance, make piñatas, practice their German or Esperanto, and become master jugglers. They can play board games, make art, and hear and tell stories. 

You’ll find a detailed schedule of activities in the festival schedule and in our Pol’and’Rock app.


Blowing and chasing after bubbles is now a staple of the Festival. fot.Anna Migda



Kids between the ages of 3 and 10 can enjoy our beautiful festival playground created by Kompan. 

In a tent near the Main Stage, Ricoh—producer of interactive whiteboards—created a special kids’ play zone. It’s a great opportunity for children to let their creative side loose or learn a bit about ecology.

Ricoh has also prepared a daily bubble-blowing show. We’re sure you’ve never seen this many bubbles at once! Take photos with the bubbles and post them with the hashtags #ricoh and #bąbelkoweselfie (#bubbleselfie) by 6pm on Saturday, August 4th for a chance to win some very special prizes!



Emostrefa prepared a few special areas where you can breastfeed or change your baby’s diaper in peace.



We are helping to ensure that your kids stay safe and happy throughout the Festival. Here are a few things you can do to make sure Pol’and’Rock is a great adventure for them.


— Make sure you bring a hat for sun protection and a scarf to protect your child’s mouth and nose from the dust

— Make sure you have good quality earplugs or soundproof headphones for your children. 

— Consider buying a GPS tracker for your child. If they use a mobile phone, enable locating the device remotely.

— Tell your children about the festival, show them photos of our Peace Patrol and Medical Patrol. If they get lost, our festival stewards will be happy to help!


— Remember to reapply your kids’ sunscreen every few hours.

— Make sure your kids are well hydrated and don’t spend too much time in the sun.

— Grab a free wearable ID for your child. Our volunteers are distributing rubber bracelets on which you can write your contact number. Get them at the children’s CPR tent, at the lost & found, and at two gates: Gucio and Milenijna.

— Show your child where the Lost and Found is. That’s where lost kids should head to in order to be reunited with their parents and guardians.

— Keep an eye on the youngsters’ reactions to flashing lights from stages and screens.

Wearable IDs: have your child wear your phone number. fot. Dominik Malik



— Immediately notify our Peace Patrol volunteers.

— Head to the Lost and Found, to the right of the main stage.

— Send a text message to the number 4330 to submit your alert to our festival radio station. These alerts are read on air between 9am and 3pm.



Thank you for being with us! Seeing a young generation of Pol’and’Rockers brought up is truly magical.


Fun in the mud for the young and old. fot.Dariusz Bres 


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