Horskh at Pol'and'Rock Festival

2019-05-07 13:16:37


While working on our festival line-up, we always aim to select the most interesting artists, who play a diverse range of music genres. That's why, alongside the great names and famous bands, we always try to showcase innovative music projects and new, intriguing bands. Horskh from Besançon in France is exactly what we were looking for - a radical, revolutionary sound we have spotted at MaMA Conference in Paris says Jurek Owsiak, promotor of Pol'and'Rock Festival. 


Horskh makes music, which can only be described as a dark, powerful blend of electro and industrial music. French artists skillfully blend complicated, hi-tech techno music with aggressive guitars and throbbing percussion beats. Bastien and Brioux, who are behind the futuristic project, say that the music they make oscillates on the border between dancefloor and moshpit. Bastien is responsible for programming, keyboards, guitar, and vocals, while Brioux is responsible for drums and Jordan plays on the guitar and keyboard and is responsible for backing vocals as well. Their music crosses the boundaries between genres - part early Marilyn Manson, part Combichrist, and part Gesaffelstein. 


Horksh. fot. materiały prasowe zespołu


The band's debut album, titled Gate, was released in 2017 and it contains 12 powerful songs which are both full of rage and display musical and technical prowess and skill. Horskh blend raw guitar riffs, which would be perfectly at a home at a heavy metal gig with complex techno beats and explosive drum sections. Synths and vicious vocals give a stunning effect. Their sound is a visionary take on industrial music which surely revolutionize how we see music genres today. 



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