Himalayan mountaineers, Andrzej Górski and Anja Rubik - last AFA guests

2018-08-05 02:34:30

So this is it - we've finished our last day at the Academy of the Finest of Arts. Thank you for amazing meetings full of emotions. There were both tears and smiles, plenty of questions as well as unexpected answers.

These meetings give us confidence, that this world is not coming to an end yet. We're proud when we think of you, because we know you're not indifferent to surrounding. You are constantly searching for yourself. You speak up when it comes to what hurts you, worries you, what you disagree with... AFA Tent is not only about guests, but also about your stories, stories you share with us openly. Honest, true stories. You tell them with great trust. Well, no wonder - you're home, home we built together.

Himalayan mountaineers at AFA

A beautiful team which, simply by its presence, teaches us a great lesson - you have to aim high to fulfill your dreams. They love freedom, friendship and setting next goals.
They do the impossible, touch the sky, look down on clouds. They inspire... they're the best example for theory that if you don't believe in impossible, you simply don't giver up. He's the winner even if he doesn't achieve goal.

Photo credit: Anna Migda


Krzysztof Wielicki, Janusz Gołąb, Piotr Tomala, Darek Załuski and Andrzej Bargiel were our first guests today.

It's no surprise the main topic was their mountain expeditions. They gave their hearts for it. Why do they look for next goals? Aren't they afraid?

"Passion is encouraged by faith" - Krzysztof Wielicki said.
"Let's be clear - nobody goes into mountains to die. You have to be afraid, but not scared."

Questions about Urubko, who left the team by trying to attempt K2 on his own, arose.
Thankfully climbers world is not conflicted, therefore few months after expedition's end Polish, who don't fully understand Urubko's behaviour, do not hold grudge against their former team member. Even though he would share his meals with them and, at the same time, write harmful messages about the whole expedition as well as team.

"The success is we're all together. We went there together and came back so." - commented Gołąb.

"It's a matter of culture" - said Krzysztof Wielicki.

Expedition director also told us about their rescue mission to bring back Tomasz Mackiewicz, story that was followed by whole world. That story had us divided. Some thought one should try until the very end, evoking saying "hope dies last". Others did a cold calculation. Today we found out that decision to let go, decision that was probably one of most difficult decisions to make, was actually made after long analysis, e.g. consultation with doctors.

"Somebody, who's not strong enough to get out of a tent (...) pulmonary oedema progresses much faster when you're lying down."

Do they go into our Polish mountains?

"Tatry is kind of a cradle for us. It's good to go back there. (..) I love to climb, to meet people." - said Gołąb.

Where would they recommend to go in the beginning?

"Nepal is best for the firt-timers, then Pakistan." - Krzysztof Wielicki advised.

Jerzy Górski

Our second guest was Jerzy Górski - Double Iron Thriathlon world champion. However this meeting was not about sport. For many years he was dealing with addiction.

Which stage of life is Jerzy Górski at?

"This is the fourth one, if I should call it this way.
First - was my neighbourhood and childhood.
Second - older friends, who gave me first drugs and my addiction.
Third - path to achieve my peaks and winning Double Ironman.
Fourth - After my book, after my movie."

Photo credit: Lucyna Lewandowska


Górski was very happy to be there with us.

"Woodstock will always have a special place in my heart. It was 49 years ago when Woodstock in U.S. took place! When I saw those colorful pictures I thought "damn! I want to be there, want to be like them. I need to be there!"

"Here all of us are together and it's a fantastic place on Earth!" - he added.

Many problems come from bad company. It's with friends where you try drugs for the first time. Even if you get clean, they stay addicted.

Can you help your friends? And if yes, how? - somebody asked.

"Leave it to professionals. Take care of yourself."

Not everyone can admit is an addict. Many people are ashamed of their past and try to wipe it out of their memory. Not Jerzy Górski. With his complete sincerity he gives us hope that it's never too late.

"If you have a problem and it feels bad, you have to do something about it. Won't go away on its own. (...) Everyone has his history, [...] 'cause everyone has a weight on shoulders. (...) I'm just telling you about what I experienced." Today Jerzy Górski is "addicted to himself".

At the end our guest invited everyone to the sprinkler for a cleansing freedom bath. We think he ran there, 'cause a moment after the meeting ended he was already there.

Anja Rubik

Anja Rubik was our very last guest. Bartosz Węglarczyk lead the talk.

Model was answering honestly to host's and audience's questions. This year she came here with her #SEXED movement that started after in whole Poland protests arose around government's plan to change the abortion law. First campaign consisted of 14 short movies. That was a year ago.

"In the mid September #sexed book will be published. I wrote it with sexual educators. And nobody gets paid for it - neither me nor educators or publishing house."

Why does she think sexual education is so important?

"I'd like to leave this world a little bit better than the one I came into. Sexual education is connected to many other topics. (...) I've never used Pitagoras' equations after school, and sex... yes, I did happen to have sex. (...) Condom put on in a wrong way can happen to all of us. Condom can save our life."

Photo credit: Lucyna Lewandowska


When she's not modelling or educating... she bakes. When she left for New York she felt really lonely. So she used to bake a lot of cakes. She would leave them at neighbours' doors. They would throw them out, she found cakes in garbage. Not for the taste reason, but probably her neighbours were afraid to eat them as they didn't know what was inside.

"I don't worry I'm losing weight or gaining it. (...) I don't care about calories."

Few years ago Anja Rubik performed in Dorota Masłowska's music video. Does she regret it?

"No! I love Masłowska, I'm a huge fan! I prefer doing something than not doing anything at all. It's better to regret something that had been done than regret not being brave enough to do it. But I don't regret."

Thank you all for those three wonderful days. We'll take them home with us and remember it for a long time. You're wonderful. Irreplaceable. As always you've proved that Pol'and'Rock is a culture! See you next year! Come back to us with your dreams fulfilled and goals achieved. Let our guests be your inspiration that keeps you running.

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