We are waiting for you in the Allegro zone!

2018-08-04 02:52:00


We were always dreaming about being able to do everything without leaving home. Not because we are lazy, but because we wouldn’t want to leave a place where we feel so great.
Today words “stay at home” gain a new meaning. A city within a city! Music, sport, technology. We’ve created our dream home – our Pol’and’Rock Festival.

There is a beautiful place that always appears on the map of our city - Allegro Zone. And each time we cannot wait for it. We love technology news. This amazing shinning wheel makes us feel as if we have our own moon. We cannot imagine this place without an orange colour. This year our friends have prepared for you wonderful attractions!

First - transport services!

Our lovely orange buses will bring us from the train station straight to our festival field. Don’t worry about tickets – it is enough to have a big smile and a picture!

90 degree of memories

Do you want to feel for a moment like if you pose in front of a media wall with a group of friends and hear clicks of 10 cameras? Keep the memories of your happiness and see it in a broader perspective.

Photo: Michał Kwaśniewski

Don’t sleep, go!

Virtual spinning it’s already our tradition. It’s not a surprise, Allforplanet is the biggest organiser of bike competitions in Poland. With us, you will get to know a completely new way of riding a bike.

Time to rest!

Have you beaten your record? Great! Now it a time for a Chillout – you are welcome to visit our deck chairs area where you can charge your phone and your own batteries for another day of fun. Very tired? Stay here. Night concerts are a great excuse for you to relax further.

Photo: Michal Kwaśniewski

Let’s fly!

Have you ever tried to play with a drone? Now you have an opportunity. Visit our flight centre, where you will find qualified instructors. They will teach you all kind of tricks.

Photo: Lucyna Lewandowska

Even higher!

24 gondolas and 36 meters above the ground. What do you need more? The most beautiful view within a reach of your hand. You can ride our wheel for free. The only condition - just take a picture and share it with the world.

Or maybe we stay on the ground?

Technology is very beautiful. Always going forward. One day something is a very new, another day it is already outdated. Technology is a state of mind, dreams that came true, defeated obstacles. Come to ELEKTROTORA and get a ride on a motorbike, electric scooter or magic skateboard. You will never know if you don’t try.

Michał Kwaśniewski

Express yourself together with us!

Take a brash and paint our festival car. We would like to do something really cool, with amazing people. Let’s enjoy ourselves with artist Szymon Chwalisz and Filip Chajzer.


Cool gadgets!

What kind of gadgets? As always - nice ones! They will be also a limited edition of orange t-shirts, which you can buy using a mobile application.

You may haven’t read this news to the end – we are not surprised. There is no time to waste – let’s go to the Allegro Zone!

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