Viva Kultura Tent Stage - line-up day 3

2018-05-28 16:04:59

We can now share with you the line-up for the last day of the festival at the Viva Kultura Tent Stage, which is located at the Krishna Peace Village. Seven very diverse bands will be playing there on Friday, August 3rd. 


Friday, 03.08.2018

16:00 - 16:40 - THE BASTARD

17:00 - 17:40 - DJANGO’S

18:00 - 19:00 - DEFEKT MUZGÓ

19:20 - 20:20 - PRAWDA

20:40 - 21:40 - BLADE LOKI

22:00 - 23:00 - THE ANALOGS

23:20 - 00:30 - FARBEN LEHRE



The band was formed in March 2007. The Bastards play punk rock music, but they aim not to be shelved as a band playing one music genre only. With four releases and countless gigs on their resume, the band is known for their energetic shows. 




The Djangos is are, in essence, a reggae outfit. The band is made out of 10 fans of Jamaican rhythms people who believe that the world can be changed for the better. After three years of creative explorations, the band decided to release their first studio album. 

Line-up of the band: Natalia ” Ka ” Paruszewska (vocals), Angelika Wróbel(drums), Monika Biczysko (vocals, keyboard instruments), Dorian Borek (keyboard instruments), Janusz Zalewski (guitar), Tomasz Kinecki (drums), Paweł Kamiński (sax), Marcin Malarz (trumpet), Andrzej Danek (trombone),
Daniel Wysocki (bass)




The band was formed in 1981 in Wałbrzych. Initially, it has been known as Bunt and established its current, misspelt name in 1982. Defekt Mozgó played at Jarocin Festival in 1983,  1987, and 1988. Their fourth performance at the festival in 1990 resulted in the band winning the audience award. The band plays classic punk rock music. 




Punk rockers from Wrocław have released four albums, a few EPs, and a compilation album. They played hundreds of shows - for audiences big and small, young and old and they have been featured in Woodstock Festival Poland line-up three times. The band, despite being on hiatus has even celebrated its 20th anniversary on Viva Kultura Tent Stage in 2014! Prawda released "Chaos in Poland" album in 2017. 





The band has been playing for 26 years! Since the very beginning of their career, the musicians have secured a leadership position on the Polish alternative music scene. Blade Loki band play a melodic mixture of punk rock and ska. Combined with socially aware, sometimes humorous lyrics and energetic stage performances it created an unforgettable music experience. 





 The Analogs are a street punk band. The band has been formed in Szczecin in 1995.  The band is committed to spreading a message of tolerance and established a strong anti-fascist stance. 

The band is best-known for their energetic live shows. 



Formed in 1986 in Płock, the band quickly gained recognition at Jarocin Festival, winning the prize awarded by the music event. Farben Lehre is well-known for their edgy punk rock sound. Since 2004, the ban has been organizing the Punky Reggae Live festival. 



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