Gooral at Pol'and'Rock Festival

2019-04-08 15:16:27



Mateusz Górny is a music producer who is best known for the innovative way in which he fuses electro music, drum and bass, dubstep with traditional Polish highlander music. Modernity blends seamlessly with tradition, which is re-imagined in a fresh, new, and exciting form. If there is any other artist who can inspire the crowd to create a mosh pit or form an impressive wall of death while singing a folk song?

Gooral began his music career in 2003 when he released his extremely popular remix of Led Zepplin’s “Whole lotta love”. A year later, in 2004, the charismatic producer teamed up with Maciej “Kamer” Szymonowicz to form Psio Crew collective. The band, which combined electro music with traditional folk music, released “Szumi Jawor Soundsystem”. Soon after Gooral left the group to continue working on solo projects. He re-activated the collective in 2015.


Gooral at Emerging Bands Competition in Poznań. Photo by D. Jędrzejewski


The first major break in the producer’s career came in 2011 when he released “Ethno Electro” album, which contained Gooral’s biggest hit to date - “Karczmareczka”. The music recorded by Gooral represents exactly what it says on the tin – energetic, vibrant, powerful fusion of folk highlander music and experimental electronic rhythms. The artist proves that passion for music can and should transcend musical genres.

Gooral confirmed his status of innovative producer and performer with an appearance at Pol’and’Rock Festival. The producer invited Mazowsze Polish Folk Song and Dance Group. The crowd went wild for it instantly – music fans appreciated the dynamic synthesis of electro beats and traditional folk song and dance. Gooral proves that traditional music, associated with boring, stuffy folk events can really rock the stage at the biggest music festival in Europe.



Gooral released 5 albums, a concert DVD from his joint show with Mazowsze. He wrote soundtracks for 2 feature films and 1 play. He performed at different Polish and international festivals, such as Sziget, Open’er, Colours of Ostrava, and Audioriver, however, we are very proud to call him our friend and we are excited that the artist, who is busy promoting his most recent release “Ethno Electro 2”, will be making his return to the Most Beautiful Festival in the World.


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