2019-05-13 11:58:18


This year we celebrate the 15th anniversary of our European Union membership. In 2004, alongside 9 other European states, we have joined the European community. We have always made sure to use our huge platform to promote important and global issues and ideas - that's why we always strive to educate festival-goers about the ideals and values of civil society. We, at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World, believe that taking part in elections is one of the most important privileges and obligations of any citizen. We encourage you to exercise your right to vote on May the 26th. European Parliament is the only EU institution where we have a direct influence on the members of the institution. The Parliament controls the European Commission and is co-responsible for the European budget. 


fot. Paweł Krupek


Today, we are told there is nothing left to fight for. And yet you fight. You fight for the climate. For the end of sexism, for the right to love who you love, and be who you are. You fight for the end of gun violence and injustices done throughout the world.
We, the festivals in Europe, try our best to keep up with you and create spaces where everybody can be free and enjoy each other and the music.
Thank you for engaging. Thank you for celebrating your freedom at our festivals. Thank you for participating in the fight for a better world and voting in the European Elections for a future in which we can continue to celebrate together at the European Festivals.
We want to show the effects of voting. We want to show solidarity across Europe. We want to encourage everyone to vote in the European Election. We are saying THANK YOU for voting!
We would not have freedom of speech, protection of the environment, human rights, a free press and so many other achievements if it wasn’t for VOTING.

message from YOUROPE 

#WeVoteForEurope is a campaign of the European music festivals to engage our audience to use their right and vote in the European elections (May 23 – 26 2019).

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